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What is a Sample Certificate

Certificates are a document that is proof of achievement, completion, recognition, and any other purposes that are worth awarded to. There are a lot of types of certificates, it can be a marriage certificate, birth certificate, death certificate, medical certificate, completion certificate, an award certificate, diploma certificate, appreciation certificate, experience certificate, and many more.

How to Create a Sample Certificate

Whatever type you are planning to make, we offer you a sample certificate that you can use for future purposes. Just download one of the templates above and follow our provided few steps below.

1. Choose an Editing software

There is a lot of software that is known for its features that will enable you for fast and high-quality editing processes. Find software that has buttons that are easy to familiarize so you don't need to take time in memorizing the buttons for editing. Use an editing software that can also be opened in various devices like mobile phones and Mac so you can do your editing anytime and anywhere.

2. Format the Layout

In this process, it will require you to start forming the layout of the certificate. This includes where you will place the logo, recipient's name, the other few details, and the design you want to add. Format carefully and make sure that it is well-organized since a certificate needs to be formatted formally because it is a legal document. To make things easy, download one of our certificate templates above. Everything will be convenient if you use our templates since they have smart objects to replace images and scalable vectors.

3. Add the Logo

For branding and to make your certificate legal, the logo of your organization or company needs to be included. Place the logo in the right place where it can be seen easily and it should be in the right size since the size of a certificate is limited. You can place the logo on the top left or right, center, or bottom corner of the certificate. The logo can also be used as a background image of your certificate.

4. Write the Recipient's Name

The most important part of the certificate is the name of the recipient. Be sure that the font size and style of the name of the recipient is readable for everyone. Use a font that is formal but will still complement and emphasize the name. The common fonts that are used for certificates are serif, sans serif, and calligraphy text. The font size that is usually used is 15 points. Remember that the recipient's name should be the center of attraction of the certificate.

5. Print in the Proper Size

In printing, you can follow the common size of the certificate that is 8.5" x 11" letter size. As for the material of the certificate, use parchment paper because this paper will maintain the quality of your certificate upon printing. By the time you hand-out the certificate, enclose it with a beautiful frame or elegant envelope to flatter the recipient.