How to Create a Certificate in Apple Pages?

A certificate is an official document used to attest to a particular fact. Getting certified is proof that whatever you have managed to accomplish is entirely accurate. Furthermore, a certificate may also be used to recognize an individual for a job well done. More than just a piece of paper, recognition certificates help boost the morale of students and employees alike. In educational institutions, students are given a certificate or degree (commonly known as a diploma) to testify that the recipient is a graduate of a specific school or university. Other examples of certificates are certificates of completion, employment, retirement, participation, and attendance.

If you are assigned to create a certificate for a commencement event, awarding ceremony, and others, we have listed five easy steps to help you accomplish the task.

1. Gather Information Needed

The first step in creating a certificate is to gather all the information needed for its content. For an academic-related certificate, you should have on hand essential details such as the full names of the recipients, the award given to them, the name of the institution, date and time of the awarding or recognition ceremony, and the signatories.

2. Launch Apple Pages

After collecting all the necessary details, launch Apple Pages on your digital device so you can get started with your design. Pages is a word processor that runs on macOS and iOS operating systems. This program features various tools allowing users to create a well-arranged document. The first thing you will do after launching the program is to choose a size for the certificate. Typically, certificates are printed on a US paper, which measures 8.5 inches x 11 inches. Next, is to set the orientation of your document, whether you want it landscape or portrait.

3. Write the Citations

Certificates should contain wordings and citations. If it is your first time creating this type of document, it will significantly help if you research on the standard wordings or citations for a particular certificate. In writing the citations, keep in mind that you are crafting a formal and official document. Alternatively, you may download our ready-made certificate templates to help you carry out the task in an instant. Aside from school-related certificate templates, we also have templates for gift certificates, medical certificates, and participation certificates.

4. Add Visual Elements

A certificate doesn’t have to be a plainly presented piece of paper printed with names and wordings. You may add a background color or a border in your design. However, make sure to maintain the look of professionalism in your design. Moreover, you may also incorporate your company or school’s specifics in your design by adding a logo, letterhead, and other brand design elements.

5. Print

After thoroughly checking the content of the document, save it in PDF file format. It is ideal to save a file in this format since it maintains the document’s layout even after sending it to various devices. You should also keep an editable version of the file for future use. Lastly, print the document on a high-quality paper or card stock and have it signed.

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