Drafting a document that holds a certain value that proves a person's achievement, credential, privilege, and more is somewhat challenging and time-consuming if you don't have a handy guide or a sample material to start with. Produce an enticingly beautiful graduation certificate, certificate of participation, certificate of completion or a formal employment certification material with less hassle and time consumption when you download one of our ready-made, high-quality, and printable Sample Certificate Templates. Available and compatible with all versions of Microsoft Publisher, these professionally-crafted materials are 100% customizable and downloadable in any mobile devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and more. Start enjoying its many benefits and convenience by hitting the download button.

How To Create A Sample Certificate In MS Publisher

Certificates are traditionally given as a token of appreciation, a legal declaration, or as a proof that one has attended and finished a certain program or training, may it be from the field of academics or business. Gift certificates are made to provide a certain privilege to the owner in the form of a printed card or paper that he/she can use to avail of a particular service or product. The importance of certificates varies from how they are acquired and on what purpose they serve to the holder. We've compiled some basic guidelines that you can use in making a sample certificate that you may use on any occasion.

1. Visit Our Archives Of Certificate Templates

Let's say that you already have decided on what kind of certificate to make. Start browsing through our website's template category section and click on Certificates. You will then be routed to a page that contains a wide variety of certificate templates that ranges from birth, marriage, and death certificates, to student, employee, and professional certificates. Select one that matches your needs and start downloading it on your preferred mobile device.

2. Using MS Publisher In Editing Your Template

Why MS Publisher? Unlike its partner, MS Word, this application software specializes in providing professional-level texts, shapes, and visual effects that you can apply to any of your documents. This application is an ideal tool to use in making printable documents such as flyers, brochures, menus, certificates, and more. It also has the ability to import images from your social media albums like Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram.

3. Supply The Details For The Contents

Since the certificate template that you downloaded from our website is easily editable and fully customizable, introducing your design theme to the template's layout and applying your desired format to the document will be easier and more convenient. Insert an elegant border to your printable certificate and/or high-quality vector shapes and images that will help enhance the certificate's presentation. Add the necessary information to your document like the descriptive title, the names of the recipient and the signatories or the award-giving body, and more.

4. Improvise And Finalize

Don't settle on your first output. Instead, make multiple revisions of the school certificate, the professional certificate, or any kind of certificate that you're working on. Revisions should be done to improve the contents and the structure of your document and to make it more competent and up-to-date. When you're already done, don't forget to review the contents of your certificate. Reread each information word for word and double-check your formats just to make sure that everything is all set for the final step.

5. Select The Right Materials For Printing

The last step is where the thrilling part is. It's time to give life to the document that you worked hard for. If you're making an academic or professional certificate, the best material to use would be a high-quality parchment paper. For gift certificates, a glossy cardstock with the right thickness will probably work just fine.

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