Certificates are useful for academic, professional, appreciation, and recognition certifications. In any of its purpose, a certificate must be carefully crafted and professionally written. With that in mind, we offer you these high-quality Simple Certificate Templates available in Adobe Illustrator. These beautifully designed templates are expertly made by our professionals to be 100% customizable, providing you the convenience of editing and personalizing the file in your most preferred way. The templates are available in CMYK color space standard and can be opened in almost any user-friendly devices. Why download our templates, you say? Simply because we provide what you are looking for in a certificate, so download your choice now!

How To Create Simple Certificates in Adobe Illustrator?

A certificate is a document handed to a recipient who showed exemplary performance on a given period, either during school, employment, or training. Getting certified acts as valid proof that one is qualified for a certain job or task. Certificates are also used by academic institutions to recognize students who are top achievers. The prospect of being rewarded a certificate does not only helps improve academic performance but also bridges the recipient to a profitable career. Certificates are added credentials that will serve as the backbone of your skills presented in a resume. These certificates enhance the qualification for a particular position.

Certificates may look simple, but they are more than just pieces of paper that serve as proof of experience. If you are tasked to make one, here are simple steps on making a certificate:

1. Specify A Designation

As mentioned, certificates vary according to usage. Before you plan on the layout of your certificates, determine first what specific purpose or event the certificates are used for. If these are for training and you need to give them to your guest speakers or those who participated, the contents for both documents would differ from each other even if the quality for both is the same. On the other hand, certificates for marriage, birth, and death follow specific contents. These are official records that are legally undertaken and only issued by proper authorities in government. Medical certificates, meanwhile, serve as proof of a medical ailment to help excuse employees who missed work or students who missed school.

2. Importance of Typography

While certificates that are legal documents need formal fonts, there are also those that can be done creatively through the use of various font styles. While there are many options to choose from, choose a style that is widely used and can help you save space. Make sure that in choosing a font style, it fits the format of your certificate. Somewhat similar to magazines, you need to maintain balance and neatness of font styles to drive special attraction from recipients and those who look at the certificate in general.

3. Establish A Theme With Illustrator

Again, everything you do about certificates will depend on your theme. Choose a graphic design with Illustrator that suits your purpose. Illustrator file format lets you produce the best graphics for your certificates. Your choice of font styles and theme should align with the selected designation of certificates.

4. Maintain Formality

Apart from professional purposes, legal documents such as death certificates, birth and medical should be composed with formal language being used. The same as contracts, details must be rechecked before proceeding. Depending on the certificate's purpose, you need to maintain formality of tone and content.

5. Print it Out

After you choose what paper stock to use for printing, start printing out your certificates. Depending on your choice, you can choose whether to print at landscape or portrait modes. Like printing brochures, proper choice of paper stock will help you have a better result when printing the certificates.

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