There’s nothing quite like enjoying simple yet savory food with a refreshing drink at a little cafe or bakery. Reel customers into a pleasant atmosphere and tasty treats with some charming signage; browse through our collection of Ready-Made Chalkboard Menu Templates and create displays that accentuate your pizza stand or ice cream parlor! These printable, easily editable menu samples offer a simple yet pleasing aesthetic; each one being 100% customizable in Apple Pages. Our professional designs come in a variety of sizes, available in 8.5x11, 5x7, and 4.25x11 inches. So, download today and bring more appeal to your Mexican deli or burger joint!

How to Create Chalkboard Menus in Apple Pages

A good deal of careful planning and practices go into successfully running a dining or food-service establishment. The majority of this is dependent on the technical and business aspect; however, there’s something to be said about also focusing on the more artistic and creative side of this.

As mentioned in a page from, in the US, there are over a million separate restaurant locations scattered throughout. So, when it comes to marketing your restaurant, bar, or other related businesses, generating mass appeal is crucial when you need to be unique and stand out--this is where some theming and presentation come into play. There’s an endless variety of aesthetics to go for, and each one has its own demographic to cater to; even the simplest kinds have a broad allure to them.

So, if you need some material that can help present your establishment’s own simple yet cozy theme, then download one of our Ready-Made Chalkboard Menu Templates and compose a charming showcase for your servings! These designs are guaranteed to get onlookers interested in what you have to offer, and they’ve all been put together for the sake of easy and hassle-free editing in Apple Pages.

1. Pick a Design That Makes Customers Smile

Now, most people don’t have a degree or any kind of experience in art/design, so making up a look for your menu can be pretty hard by yourself. No need to worry though, since each of our Ready-Made Chalkboard Menu Templates makes for an effective base to work off of; coming in different variations and being simple for even amateurs to personalize. Be it a bakery or coffee shop, these samples can help you out!

2. Use Apple Pages for Your Editing Needs

Apple Pages is a simple yet effective editing app for your Mac desktop (and iOS devices). It’s even good for customizing our templates!

After nabbing yourself a menu template, open the file in Pages and see how you can spruce it up a bit. Though, the artwork on our samples is already attractive as-is, so you can choose not to alterations of your own.

For the written details in your menu, it helps to add a dash of catchy or witty dialog here and there. Not only will it be more interesting to read, but it also adds something extra to stand out from the menus of other similar businesses.

3. Make it Easier to Run Your Food Joint

Well, now that you’re menu design is good to go, what’s next on the agenda? Perhaps try out other ways of enhancing your establishment!

Your new menus won’t be much use if there’s no one to admire them, so compose some flyers and start advertising. But, do be mindful of areas that prohibit soliciting.

Wanna show how grateful you are for your staff’s hard work? Hand out awards for your top employees!

4. A Simple Yet Special Design

With your custom menu now finished and ready to go, you can finally print out copies and place them around your restaurant or eatery for your patrons to appreciate. Show off all kinds of delicious foods and drinks with our various menu templates!

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