"Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference," said Kathy Calvin. And for most non-profit organizations, any small or big contribution can make a big difference. So, if you are planning to give back to the community in any way possible that you can, you need to form a team of reliable people that you can trust. This might actually be a struggle at first. Thus, to help them understand their responsibilities, feel free to check out our ready-made and high-quality Charity Organizational Chart Templates in Google Docs. The best thing about these highly editable files is that all of them are printable in A4 & US Letter sizes. Now, completing tasks won't be a hassle thing to do. Hurry! Get these templates while they are still available!

How to Create a Charity Organizational Chart in Google Docs

Have you ever attended a fundraising event before? Did you ask the organizers about the charity organization it supports? From clothes, food, water, and financial aid, all of these are tremendously valued in charities. According to Charity Navigator, the total amount of donations that charitable organizations received in 2017 amounted to a total of 410.02 billion dollars, and the majority of these donations came from individuals. This data evidently proves that humanity is still alive. And if you want to be a part of this greater cause, an organizational structure must be established.

Get your employees informed about their roles in the success of your charity organization. Listed below are some guide tips on how you can come up with a functional organizational chart in Google Docs.

1. Set your Objectives

Charitable organizations focus on different charity works. Some private foundations focus on helping indigent people, while others greatly focus on offering scholarships to poor children. To know where your organization belongs, develop your objectives and mission. If you are the one sponsoring the charity, then you may base your choices on personal preferences. The list of charity works that you can choose is very long, so decide thoroughly before you finalize your decision.

2. Gather your Details

Collect the important data that you need for your organizational chart. This includes the individual names of your team, the department that they belong, and their corresponding job titles. Put them in a list form and make sure that they are correctly spelled and thoroughly reviewed for errors. You may also add up some pictures on it if you want to. Be sure that the picture that you got is of high quality so that it will not be damaged when you are going to crop it.

3. Conceptualize its Structure

Start visualizing the look that you want for your charity organizational chart. Decide on what kind of layout and orientation would work best for it. Creating it is just like making flowcharts, it also comes with a lot of wiring diagrams and shapes, so you have to be extra careful in connecting them. If you are new to creating these kinds of documents, it would be best if you'll take a look at sample org charts online and analyze how they are structured effectively.

4. Make it Logical

The efficiency of your organizational chart is determined by how logical it appears. To achieve this, use the hierarchical structure way of creating an org chart. Place on the topmost part of the chart the highest-ranking employee position down to the lowest. To add some interest to it, it would be best if you'll add up some light tone colors. But don't over decorate it, be minimal and use these colors as highlights to the important details of your charity organizational chart.

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