Why Use a Chore Chart?

Also referred to as a reward chart, chore calendar, chore list, or behavior chart, this is an important tool since it acts as a guide for reminding household members of their responsibilities. Of course, household chores are just as important for several reasons including serving as a training ground for children. Then again, using a chore chart can help in effectively delegating the many possible chores that can be done at home.

How to Make a Chore Chart in Microsoft Excel

1. Understand Why You Need a Chore Chart

Before you can fill your blank chart with any information, you will need to know why you're making a chore chart in the first place. Always remember that different types are available and they can all be used to cover all sorts of tasks or chores. As soon as you have managed to figure that out, you can then proceed to the more technical aspects of creating the chart you need.

2. Identify the Number of People Who'll Be Doing the Chores

Depending on the number of people who are going to be involved in completing the chores, you'll need the same number of cell columns in Excel. For each spreadsheet column of your chore chart, write down the names of every individual and make sure to use a name that everyone is familiar of. Additionally, you can use the columns for determining the day/s that each individual has to do their chores.

3. List Down All the Things That Need to Be Done

Since the columns are intended for the names of the people involved, the rows can be used for listing down the different chores that need to be done. If your chore chart is going to cover a variety of tasks, simply arrange them into categories. If you want, you can also make a sample list separately before adding them to the rows. This list should indicate not only the tasks but also their corresponding descriptions.

4. Make Checkboxes

For people to distinguish the finished from the unfinished chores, it is important that a house checklist is utilized. This can be done by adding a checkbox for every cell with a task in it. By using a checklist together with a chore chart, the chances of repeating the same chores are very unlikely since people already have a way of keeping track of what to do.

5. Use Microsoft Excel Effectively

Microsoft Excel is no doubt one of the best software to use when making not just chore charts but any type of chart. However, it still requires some level of knowledge and skills to be able to pull off something effectively in Excel especially if it requires formatting or using formulas. If you're still learning how to use this software, you can find several tutorials, guidelines, online courses, and tips and tricks all around the internet.

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