Creating a chart for your business or organization is indeed tiring and time-consuming, especially when you are working from scratch. The good news is, you do not have to undergo that struggle anymore. We can help you create a chart with ease using our Ready-Made Printable Chart Templates in Google Docs. Our templates have graphic designs that have high-quality artworks. They also have enticing titles with a suggestive heading that is initially crafted by our experienced graphic designers and artists. They are also ready to print and easily customizable. Experience these fantastic features that our templates have to offer by downloading our awesome Ready-Made Printable Templates in Google Docs right now!

How To Create A Printable Chart In Google Docs?

A chart serves as a point of reference. It is also essential for tracking various activities that an individual or organization was involved in. This tracking document can be a pie chart, bar graph, or a flow chart that functions as a useful guide in organizational decision-making. For you to create a useful printable chart in Google Docs, here are a few tips and reminders for you to learn how.

1. Determine Your Purpose

Decide whether you will use your printable chart to monitor the productivity of your daily routines. Such routines include the basic homework you finished, the chores you performed, or any record of the things you did throughout the day. A printable chart is a useful tool for you to remind you about your responsibility. When you know what type of chart you will make, then working for one would be easier for you in Google docs.

2. Always Use Professional Design Elements

Professional design elements compose of minimalist vectors, appropriate colors, facts and figures, and minimal text. Primarily when you use it for arranging the classroom seating or wedding seating, you will need to ensure you only use a single character. Such characters may be the table number and the names (of students or guests) who will attend to the venue. Then, don't forget to use bright colors to highlight details. Using bright colors to emphasize a particular detail is essential, especially when you use it in the corporate setting — bookkeeping.

3. Browse For Our Printable Chart Template

There are many file formats or software you can use to look for a chart template. However, we recommend you use our very own printable chart templates either in Google Docs or in If you prefer to use one in Google Docs, it's okay. For you to choose a template, you may simply click on the "Template Gallery" section which is located at the top right corner of this file format. Then, click on the template you want to use and a copy of the template will open.

4. Add A New Chart

Now it's time to create a new chart or document. You just have to simply click "insert" and go to "chart." If you want to open and edit a chart, table, or slide, click a chart or a table to select it. In the top right corner of the chart or table, click the "Link Options" drop-down menu and choose "Open Source" then you may already change the original file. As soon as you did, don't forget to plot your data.

5. Proofread Before Submission

You may actually save your work as a template in Google Docs, but you will need the permission of your organization first. Nonetheless, it's still important to proofread your charts to welcome any feedback especially when there are necessary revisions that should be made. Doing so will ensure the data are accurate. Especially when it seeks to monitor the organization's financial transaction, then it's very important to be accurate. One way to ensure its accuracy is to proofread it.

6. Save Your Template

If you are granted permission by your organization to save the template, then feel free to click the "Template Gallery" section and simply click on the "Submit Template" button. For you to submit a copy, click on "submit a copy of this file instead of the original" option. Then, click the file you want to add and click the "submit" button.

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