How to Create a Printable Chart in Apple Numbers

It is a common thing in a business company to have weekly or monthly meetings to have updates and serious talks about the status of the company. Presentations happen in the meeting and to have a good flow of presentations, charts are used. Any chart plays a significant role during a meeting because it enables and can present data easily and understandably. Charts is a useful tool in visualizing data into diagrams, graph, bar, line, and table.

Do not overwork yourself in how to impress your audience during the meeting because we are here to help you in making the best chart that will present your data in the most understandable way. Together with our printable chart templates and steps, we ensure you that you will come up to the best chart you have imagined. Carefully follow the steps we prepared for you.

1. Use Apple Numbers

Things will be easier if you use Apple Pages when you start making the chart. This software will help you craft any charts like a Gantt chart, chore chart, organizational chart, and any others. Whatever type of chart you are planning to make, it will be easy because the software is user-friendly and is easy to navigate. Also, it is accessible to any of your devices like Mac and mobile phones.

2. Gather Reliable Data

Even though you can make the best chart, it will not be valid if the data presented in the chart is not reliable. The data that your chart will interpret should be honest and comes from a credible source. Remember that a chart may be a simple chart or a workflow chart; it will be useless if the data are not accurate.

3. Choose a Chart Type

As mentioned above, there is a variety of charts that you can use to interpret your data. Make sure that the chart type you are going to use, best fits the data you are explaining. For example, if your data are comparing things, then a pie chart is not suitable for your information, but instead, a comparison chart will fit.

4. Select Complementary Colors

Charts are made of different figures, so you need to find a way on how to differentiate one data from another. Using different colors is the only way to achieve it. Use only six colors in differentiating the figures to avoid the chart not to look cluttered. To be safe, only use complementary colors.

5. Make Use of Readable Fonts

Since charts are usually presented using powerpoints, the fonts that you use should be readable enough for your audience. Charts are used during meetings, so it is already understood that the fonts that are used in the chart are formal. Only use fonts that are considered formal like Arial, times new roman, and Calibri. You can download simple charts here on our site to make things quick.

6. Insert Labels and Captions

You are going to present your chart to several audiences, so you need it to be informative even though you will be doing some talking during the presentation. Never forget to insert a label and brief caption in each section or data in the chart.

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