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How to Create Charts in Apple Pages

We always hear the word "chart" whether were in school or in the company we are working on. A chart may imply nothing to you but it plays an important role particularly in businesses because they help in understanding the process of the workflow since charts are consist of diagrams and infographics. If you're assigned to create a sample chart for your company and unfortunately you don't know how, well continue scrolling down below for we will show you a guide on how to create an efficient one. Here's how:

1. Identify your Purpose

Here are some types of charts that you may create in the future: flow chart, organizational chart, Gantt Chart, and others. Before you start creating a chart, make sure you know what type of chart you are going to make since there are so many different types of it. Make sure you did a lot of research before you create one since every chart differs from one another.

2. Consider using Apple Pages

Once you're done identifying what type of chart you are going to achieve, it's time for you to choose the editing software you will be using. If you will ask us, we highly suggest using Apple Pages as your editing tool since this software is perfect for your chart-making. It can easily be accessed through Mac, iPad, iPhone or PC. You can easily add images and texts with the help of Apple Pages. Download one now in case you haven't installed it yet.

3. Download a Sample Chart Template Online

If you're a busy person, then you probably don't have the time to design from scratch. That is why, if you want to make your work easier, you can download simple chart templates here on Template.Net to help you with your struggles. We especially made our template fully customizable and editable so that you can easily edit the template you like using Apple Pages without any hassle.

4. Edit the Template

Now that you already have your printable chart template, it's time for you edit it with the content you have in mind. Whatever type of chart may it be, whether its a comparison chart or a classroom seating chart, make sure that the format is well-written and well-designed so that your readers can easily understand the process presented in your chart.

5. Check for Errors

After editing the template, ensure that you check the details of your basic chart for any errors such as wrong spellings, incorrect presentation of data, colors, and others. You have to make sure that your chart is free from errors so that your client or your manager won't be confused by the data you presented.

6. Print the Chart

Would you look at that! You are now in the last step on how to create blank charts using Apple Pages. You may or may not print the chart you made because you can have an alternative option. If you don't want to use papers in presenting then you may present a creative powerpoint presentation instead in front of the people.

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