How To Create Simple Charts in Apple Numbers

Visual representations help us readers and listeners understand data quickly. Through them, business reports and presentations gain clarity and authority. Among the long list of effective visual representation tools, the chart comes first. It is the most commonly used and popular visual tool used in interpreting and simplifying complicated datasets and lengthy pieces of information found in reports.

Charts are considered as the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to data visualization tools. Its main function is to display data and invite further explanation about the topic. It is usually used and inserted in situations wherein a simple table can't adequately explain the important patterns and relationships between two points.

If you want to make simple yet creative pie charts, line charts, flow charts, or any charts in particular for your upcoming powerpoint presentation, then we got you covered. Listed below are some useful guide steps on how to do just that.

1. Gather And Interpret Necessary Data

First, gather all the necessary information you wish to present in your chart. For instance, if you want to create an organizational chart to showcase the structure of a business, government, or an organization, you will need to study how the workflow process runs as well as familiarize all department heads up to the executive and administrative posts.

2. Decide What Variables Should Be Included

After gathering all the necessary information (either from research or raw data), you must next decide and determine what specific variables, factors, and elements to include in your chart. Remember that an effective chart aims to interpret complex data in a meaningful and easily understood manner, that's why you have to wisely choose what variables should you wish to include in it.

3. Choose a Chart Design Theme

Now that you have established your chart's content, you should now choose what chart design or format should you follow in making it. Choose a theme or format that allows you to arrange your content in an organized manner. In choosing a chart design theme, you should also have to pay attention to its color scheme, formatting, font sizes, bar and column widths, etc.

4. Download Pre-formatted Chart Template

Then, download a ready-made chart template based on the chart design or motif you have chosen earlier. We have a wide array of modern and printable chart templates showcased above. Check them out. These blank chart templates are professionally designed with eyecatching titles and suggestive content.

5. Edit It Out In Apple Numbers

Lastly, download your chosen design template in Apple Numbers file format and start customizing it by replacing all the text placeholders with your gathered pieces of information. Apple Numbers is the best editing tool to use for this because it provides an excel-like spreadsheet that includes impressive tables and images in it. If you're planning to create histogram and classroom seating charts in the future, then Apple Numbers can get the job done for you.

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