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What Is an HR Checklist?

The Human Resource department oversees various aspects of the company or organization such as the employment, employment standards, recruitment, administration of employee benefits, and compliance with labor laws. To help regularly keeping this in line, they would need a document to list several different tasks. The HR checklists covers the management of the staff and employees and ensure that the company's operations are running smoothly.

How to Make an HR Checklist on Apple Pages?

Because of the many tasks that the HR department have to complete, it is necessary for them to keep a checklist to oversee the operation of the company. To get a checklist, you would have to download an editable HR Checklist. However, if you want to learn how to make one yourself then you can follow the tips below.

1. Identify What You Need to Check

Running a company will require a lot of tasks being overseen and the purpose of the checklist is to do just that. However, there are several tasks to be done which means that the first thing you need to do is determine what you need to check. Some checklists include the employee's performance, their payroll, hiring recruits, the orientation, and the process of resignation.

2. Identify What Benefits from the Checklist

The purpose of the checklist is to ensure all operations are working smoothly. By doing so, you are ensuring that the company will benefit from the checklist and interview. But you need to identify whether the team and company benefits from the checklist or if it benefits the person taking charge of the interview.

3. Prepare Your Questions

The questions on your checklist are the most important elements you put in. It has to be straightforward and without bias as well as being informative and specific. You can formulate these questions on your own or you can come up with them as a team. You also don't want to ask broad questions so you'll need to make them as specific as possible.

4. Rough Draft

Before creating the actual checklist, you'll need to make a rough draft to see how the questions are written. As much as possible, try to make the draft look like the final copy. That way you can see how the structure of your final output. Organize the questions in the order you feel would look good on your final output.

5. Test and Revise

When you have your rough draft complete, you can run a trial test to see how effective your checklist is and conduct a mock interview with maybe a colleague. Try to conduct it as if you were in the process of a recruitment or the like. When you finish, ask for their feedback. You can use the result to revise the areas you feel were unnecessary or can be fixed.

6. Consistent Update

Because the labor law is continually changing, the company will require you to regularly update your checklist as well. This is done to comply with the changes and making sure you meet the standards to prevent potential legal issues.

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