You probably landed on this page because you own a restaurant or at least involved or related to one. It could be a fast-food restaurant, a pastry shop, or maybe a fine dining establishment. Chances are you have just hired a chef. Have you written his/her job description? If not, you have come to the right place. Here at, you can choose from a wide selection of ready-made, editable templates that are made by professionals. The templates can be downloaded instantly and are for free! So why don't you write your new head chef his/her job description that will serve to guide him/her towards his/her duties in your kitchen.

How to Write a Chef's Job Description

It has been quite a journey, from considering your applicant's resume to you writing their job description. Completing the hiring process is part of your job. Learning how to write documents like this properly is an essential skill for someone who is in a human resources position. On this page, we will let you in on some steps on how you could write a chef's job description.

1. Start with the Specific Job Title

Just like any job description, you can start by specifying the Job title, for example, Head Chef, Sous Chef, Commis Chef, etc. this serves to clarify the position on which they were hired. Doing this also gives them an idea as to what their responsibilities are; it helps them to prepare mentally and be ready to take on the job. Writing this section of the letter does not have to be written in the first part. Where you put this section will depend on how you compose your job description. You can research printable letter templates as a reference.

2. Write a Job Summary

Another section you can pay attention to is the job summary. You can use this section as the first part of the letter. Give the recipient a brief overview of what kind of restaurant you are running, is it a culinary establishment that survived the test of time and is quite recognized or is it going to an upcoming favorite of the masses.

You have to include a brief explanation of the restaurant's vision. Another thing that should be present in this section is your expectations of your new chef. A powerfully written summary is a sure way to grab your reader's attention and encourage them to be passionate about their newfound job.

3. Write the Outline of Responsibilities and Duties

The outline of your formal document could arguably be the most important because, in this section, you will have to define the duties of your new chef. You will inform them of the scope of their responsibilities and the benefits that come along with the position.

Also, in this section, you will inform them of the number of days in a week they should be present, the number of hours in a day they have to be on duty. This section is to give them the information they need to know when it comes to their work in general.

4. List an Additional Set of Hard and Soft Skills

You might finish up with this section of the job description, with a ready-made checklist of soft and hard skills. You might want to suggest to your new chef to learn a new cuisine or maybe an original method of cooking. The point in this is encouraging the growth of your chef and open new doors to explore. After all new job is a new adventure, there will be challenges, but by working as a team, your crew can accomplish anything. Start by writing a well thought structured chef's job description.

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