How to Make a Christmas Brochure in Adobe Illustrator

It's that season to be jolly once again! Christmas is one of the most anticipated holidays in the USA. Businesses earn more profit during this season. People shop as early as September! In 2018, a Statista record says that around 794 U.S. dollars for Christmas presents were going to be spent by customers on average. During this yuletide season, parties are held, and discounts and offers are given. For businesses and other organizations, brochures are effective in providing information about their advertisements and upcoming parties for this season. Also, they tie their brochures to the Christmas theme.

Do you want to give brochures during this season? Attract the public through your brochures with these simple steps:

1. Know the Purpose

Before starting the brochure, you have to start with a goal. What is the brochure's primary purpose, and why are you going to make one? Do you want to call customers for a Christmas sale in your business? Do you want to inform people about an upcoming Christmas Party in your organization? You have to know and clarify who your target audience is. Clearly define what you want from the start to guide you on how you will start and finish the creative brochure.

2. Decide on the Fold

There are different kinds of brochure folds. There is the half-fold, tri-fold, parallel fold, and more. Determine what works best for you or your business. If you think that making a brochure from scratch is time-consuming, then download a Christmas brochure template. This site has a lot of brochure templates that you can choose from.

3. List the Details

Next, you have to gather the details for the brochure. If you have to make a Christmas event brochure, then you have to list them. List the date, time, address, and the name of the event. Likewise, you have also to put the event program on the brochure. Be careful not to make it too wordy, or the readers might lose interest. If you don't have much ideas about what to put on the brochure, you can research Christmas brochure ideas online. Make sure that your list has everything the person who'll read will need.

4. Design the Brochure

Like a poster, make the brochure attractive. Never settle for a dull brochure. Your Christmas brochure design attracts customers and people, so make it fantastic. But this doesn't mean you can do whatever you like. Always find the most fitting designs and colors for your Christmas brochure background. If you think that your creativity needs a little stirring to work, you can find a Christmas brochure design inspiration from the internet or other companies.

5. Finalize the Brochure

Lastly, open Adobe Illustrator and start making your printable brochure. Make sure that you have neatly divided the contents into the brochure. If you're making the brochure for promoting your store's product, don't forget a call to action. Review if you've forgotten any vital detail. Also, your design layout should be aligned with the theme and has to be presentable, as well. Merry Christmas!

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