American author Peg Bracken once said that the primary ingredients of having a merry Christmas are the gift of time and love. Show your love for the holidays in all the things you do. For sure, events are coming, so let everyone know with the help of a flyer template. Flyers are your best pick when it comes to printed promotional materials for all seasons. They are inexpensive and easy to reproduce. And if you're looking for one, then get this Christmas flyer template for free! For your convenience, we made this template accessible on various devices such as mobiles, laptops, and personal computers. You'll never go wrong with a template that's 100% customizable, easily editable, and made of the best quality. Get one now! 

What Is a Flyer?

The flyer is another name for pamphlets. Though many are confused between a flyer and leaflets, they have specific usage, setting them apart from each other. Many businesses resort to the production of flyers compared to other printed promotional materials because it is inexpensive. A marketing survey shows that the production of modern flyers increased than those of non-glossy.

How to Make Flyers in Apple Pages

There are other ways to craft a good flyer, and using Apple Pages is one of them. Apple Pages is Mac's version of a word processing application that clients can use to sort word documents. Also, all the documents edited by Pages can be stored in the device. It has a clean interface, which means that if you are a user, it will be easier for you to explore the functions of the application. Though it is a downer that only Mac users can access Pages, it is still worth it if you have it on your device.

Shown below is a list of steps on how you can edit a flyer using Pages. Make sure to stick on our list and come up with a flyer for great use.

1. Start with a Rough Draft of the Content

You can't start creating something without a plan. Before anything else, start with a rough draft on how you want the campaign flyer to look like in actual print. Making a rough draft will give you the chance to arrange the information the flyer contains. In terms of graphics and print, a rough draft will allow you to decide what font to use, the size of the text, the color of the layout, and more.

2. Decide the Theme of the Flyer

While you are hands-on as you create a rough draft for your flyer, choose a theme as you finish the draft. The theme will determine where you are leading for your task. This simple flyer template is all about the holidays, try the festive colors such as red and green, or a shimmering silver and gold.

3. Look for a Flyer Template that Suits Your Preference

There are a lot of resources you can find online. Download your creative flyer template from a reliable and trusted source. Picking a particular template could be hard since there are many to choose from. Before settling on a template, remember the following. Is the flyer useable and helpful? Did the source do a great job of beautifying the template? Is the template editable and can be modified? If you've answered yes to all these questions, then this is the best pick for you.

4. Start Customizing the Flyer

Once you have settled with a template, proceed to customize the printable flyer. This part is not as tedious as you thought because the rough draft will be your reference. Remember that the draft is how you want the flyer to look like, and it will be a logical blueprint. In this part, you are not restricted to rehash the previous layout you made in the draft. The primary use of the draft is to guide you as you continue making your flyer.

5. Look for Errors; Make Necessary Changes

The final part of creating a professional flyer is to do a run-through and make necessary alterations for errors. Usually, typos are common mishaps. But you can make alterations to the design. Don't forget to read back to double-check.

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