How to Make a Christmas Gift Voucher in MS Word

In a survey by SurveyMonkey, around 80% of people are more likely would buy a gift during the holiday season as some said it's part of their language of love. Nonetheless, these gifts can be in any form. Furthermore, shopping for gifts can also be a fussy activity as the gift giver ensures this can satisfy and enjoy his or her recipient. Thus, the use of Christmas gift vouchers is rampant for this season, allowing the users to choose what to purchase and use. With this, marketers see opportunities in this phenomenon as it allows their customers convenience and satisfaction. It's also the chance for marketers to establish a sense of urgency with their exclusive deals, making their target audiences feel urged to purchase, hence, the increase of sales eventually.

If you're about to offer your Christmas gift vouchers for your customers, here are our listed fundamentals in helping you create a Christmas gift voucher.

1. Integrate the Christmas Essence

Essentially, you should integrate a Christmas-related theme in your gift voucher. Formulate the best theme that corresponds best to your company branding. From warm, red Christmas elements to winter, white-Christmas, or other more, have the goal your gift voucher's design. Most importantly, make sure these elements are of high-quality. Dull, poor, or distorted elements can leave a negative impression on your target audiences.

2. Highlight Your Deals

Make sure you highlight your exclusive deals in your Christmas gift voucher. How many purchases or what items can the user be granted? In writing so, ensure that it's easy and clear to understand. Basically, this will be the value of your Christmas gift voucher. Collaborate closely with your team to carefully study the deals that can truly generate sales into your business.

3. Stipulate Terms and Conditions

From the mechanics, expiration date, voucher codes, exclusive use, to other terms and conditions, ensure that these are well stipulated in your Christmas gift voucher. Jot these down in simple language. Bullet-list for easier comprehension.

4. Print in Paper Stock

Apart from a fantastic graphic design, it's your priority also to ensure the longevity of your Christmas gift voucher. And one way you can make sure its quality is by printing in paper stocks that are comparatively heavier and thicker than regular print materials. Choose a paper stock that makes your printable voucher premium when held by the user for extra valued appeal.

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