Church is not just done by the pastors, priests, or any religious official. Of course, they cannot and should not do all the serving! We should humble ourselves down and be good stewards as well. Church is done by everyone who attends and participates in a church service. Create a good church flow with your fellow churchmates and utilize our Ready-Made Church Flowchart templates. These flowchart templates are downloadable and customizable in Microsoft Word and Apple Pages. Print them in A3, A4, and US letter sizes and portrait and landscape orientation styles. Be a growing church with growing brotherly and sisterly relationships with one another!

How to Create a Church Flowchart in Apple Pages

Church has to be purposeful for the many people who attend it. That as they go out from the place of the gathering, they will be blessed and refreshed. A church that gives people a great service is a church that people will want to keep on coming back. Be the church that people talk about as you make a church flowchart for your church ministry. Preparing for the rain of people in your church is a wise decision. Create the flowchart in Apple Pages by following the guide steps below.

1. Be Familiar with your Church Service

Over the years, church organizations have and continuously develop the flow of their services. The program is created in a way the congregation, especially the new members of the family, can relate and engage. To make this happen, church ministries are formed. The ushering ministry welcomes and guides people. The worship team plays soothing music to our souls. The children’s ministry introduces faith to the next generation of believers. The pastoral staff leads the whole congregation in accordance with the scriptures, etc. The participation of the church members in these ministries makes a church service running from beginning to end. Get familiar with what these ministries do during service and connect them accordingly to extract the service flow.

2. Prepare the Flowchart

Above are our church flowchart templates we readily created for you. Choose from our downloadable and customizable church templates in Apple Pages. Easily proceed to the next step and get your work done fast. Prepare the chart in a new document in Pages by drawing lines and shapes using the tools found in the menu pane. Comfortably do the customization using your Mac device features. Create the right number of shapes for the church service flow and for the processes that are tagged with them.

3. Implement the Flow on the Chart

Using Apple’s paintbrush tools in Pages, write the text contents of the church service flow inside the chart’s shapes. Place them in their proper order. Use a readable font style and size to emphasize every part of the flow and prevent it from being missed out. The important part of a flowchart is the decision points where a part(s) of your service flow is not definite. Almost every part of a church service is indefinite but can be handled with good management. Set for an example. An usher guided a person to a seat. The person refused to sit there because it was close to the front. What will the usher do? In a flowchart, split half procedures are very visible for this kind of situation. Make the possible scenes out of the church service flow and add these contents on the chart.

4. Classify the Processes

With the many branches sprouting out from parts of the church service flow, the flowchart may start to look complicated. We want to prevent that from happening as much as possible. Organize the chart by not leaving their backgrounds blank. Identify the processes through shape fill colors. Use the same color for the main church service flow, apply another color to the decision points, and another to the split-half procedures. This way, the church flowchart is easy to look at.

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