Cities embody a civilization's culture and technology. That's why the organization in these places should be much more stringent to ensure that they provide the best for the people. So, to help you organize your cities better, we give these Ready-Made City Organizational Chart Templates in Google Docs. With the use of these fully customizable and editable products, your city council's organizational structure will be more vibrant and organic. Business professionals, together with expert graphic artists, created these samples with quality and excellence so that you can have the best template available. Download any of these chart templates today and realize your city's full potential!

How to Create a City Organizational Chart in Google Docs

According to one of the United Nations, around 50 percent of the global population or more are currently living in cities. By 2050, it will rise to approximately 70%. Meaning that organization and efficiency when it comes to urbanization should be proper and excellent. One of the best ways to do that is to ensure a working and cross-functional organizational chart. To do that, we provided steps below for you to follow.

1. Create a Rough Draft

Before you start flaunting your skills in designing your organizational chart, a draft is always the best way to go. So, as your first tip, make sure that you have a rough draft of your organizational structure. If you find your information insufficient, you should secure more data quickly. See to it that you know the relationship between departments, sections, and other classifications.

2. Arrange Properly

Since you understand how the whole organization works, you can now start creating your chart. Since you are creating a city organizational chart, you should put the mayor at the top position and all other department directors after him or her. You should list out all the departments working within the city, including the police department and the fire department.

3. Be Precise

After you finish arranging the boxes and the pictures of the people within the position, you should check your work for any lapses. Make sure that your details must be precise. If your work has mistakes, there could be a problem on a higher level. Imagine the payroll officer forgets one zero on your pay, that's just disaster. So make sure to do your work better.

4. Consider Digital

An organizational chart mostly acts as a support to an inclusion effort or culture. It's not about exclusivity; instead, it's about inclusivity. So one of the best methods you can do this part is to create a digital version. With today's social media influence, people have more access to the internet and technology more than before. Hence, it will be easier for them to see the whole chart when it is digital. Consider doing this.

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