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How to Make a Civil Engineer's Resume in Microsoft Office Word

Many infrastructures were built from the past. As it ages, Civil Engineers are needed to maintain, repair, or replace these old buildings, roads, bridges, and dams. Also, Civil Engineers are responsible for making new infrastructure as urbanization spread across the globe. The data based on a survey conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show an increase of 20% job opportunities for Civil Engineers from 2012 to 2022. Thus, it signifies a more haste increase among other fields. For Civil Engineers, the job opportunities are abundant. However, that doesn't mean to be complacent when it comes to employment. Civil Engineering is a promising occupation that requires a lot of technicalities and skills.

To get the job that you always pursue, start with a comprehensive resume. Make sure you lay all your skills as a professional engineer. In doing that, you will need an excellent Civil Engineer resume format. Moreover, a good resume template is not just what you need to land on the job. Pair your resume template with a useful word processing application that you can use to customize it. One with the highest customer satisfaction rate is Microsoft Office Word. Many people use this application because it is user-friendly and easy to familiarize with. Make made a list on how to modify a resume template in Word. Stick to our list and come up with the best resume.

1. Do a Research About the Basic Content of a Resume

To have a head start, search for the basic information to include in your resume and its purpose. From there, you can start building up the information and content. There are only a few basic parts of a customized resume that consists of the header, which contains your personal information, past education, professional and non-professional experience, and your reference. Take the time to fill it with the relevant information.

2. Start your Draft and Carefully Stitch the Information

When your research is done, write down notes. Organize the content and make a draft of the sample resume. Having a draft will help you see how the resume will look in actual print. Arrange the information in a logical order. Begin with the header and personal information. As a job seeker, you have to provide up to date contact details so it will be easier to reach you out. Then, continue with your education background and non-professional and professional experiences. Lastly, end the resume with your references. Make sure to include the contact details of the references. Your references will verify your credibility as an employee.

3. Download a Resume Template and Work on It

If done, set aside the draft and look for a Civil Engineer resume template online. There are a bunch of sources you can find on the internet. Yet, there are only a few you can count on. The advantage of using a template is it will be convenient to modify the content. In this way, you will save some time. It is important to choose a resume template that will serve its purpose and suits the kind of job you will be applying. Always remember that relevance is essential. Settled with a resume template and work on it. Your draft in Step 2 will come into view. Refer to your draft as you customize the suggestive content of the template. Include all the important information and check for errors. Make changes if necessary.

4. Let an Expert Go Through Your Resume to Make Correction

Whether you are a professional or not, you must be critical with your resume. Don't consider the resume done without someone go through it. You can tap an expert to proofread it. Let him check your grammar and punctuation. Even the prospect job does not revolve around grammar and language, as a Civil Engineer, you must equip yourself with the basics. A professionally written and grammatically correct resume will always be better than a sloppily made one. The last thing you would want is to produce an insufficient experience resume that might not help you get the job.

5. Finalize your Resume; Photo Is Optional

Along with personal information, some do not consider including a photo to their resume. The reason is that a professional resume must only contain relevant information or helpful to the job application. However, no rule that does not allow a photo to your resume. You can put a head-shot on your resume as long as it looks professional.

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