Have you noticed that when your surroundings are untidy, you’ll tend to get moody or emotionally unstable? Whether it’s your house or office, would you be productive if things are disorganized? Not only that, but it’s also very hazardous to your health. This is where professional cleaners come in. If you’re planning on hiring one, outline the role with the help of our Cleaner Job Description Templates. These ready-made products come with original content that’s professionally written yet 100% customizable. Find the right person to handle such tasks by subscribing to our collection of job description templates!

What Is a Cleaner Job Description?

A cleaner job description is a document that agencies, corporate industries, and organizations use for hiring a cleaning professional. This document highlights all job hiring information in order to attract job seekers.

How to Create a Cleaner Job Description

According to Statista, the US has over 2 million cleaning specialists in May 2019. That number alone shows how big this job is. If you need to hire one, be sure to have the appropriate job description ready. Refer to the guidelines below to help yourself out.

1. Understand Deeply the Cleaner Position

Many hiring managers tend to throw out job ads without thoroughly understanding the position. This results in unreasonable requirements as well as responsibilities that go beyond the position. The best way to prevent this is by familiarizing the role and gathering details from the corresponding heads or supervisors.

2. Elaborate on the Job Title and Work Environment

In general, a cleaner can mean someone who performs cleaning services. Unless you’re looking for someone to do all cleaning jobs, you must specify the title and environment. Write if you’re hiring a house cleaner, a building janitor, or a room attendant. This will make it clearer for job seekers to determine if the job or environment suits them.

3. Compose a Comprehensive and Straightforward Job Summary

Every job description should start with a summary of the role. This paragraph contains an overview of the job’s responsibilities, the skills required, and other important details. Keep this section short, but also make it informative enough for the prospective employee.

4. Enumerate the Duties and Responsibilities of the Cleaner

The remaining sections of your job description will elaborate further on the details mentioned in your summary. Starting with the functions of the cleaner, enumerate the duties and responsibilities through a list. These include housekeeping, maintenance, and laundry, among others.

5. Identify the Skills and Qualifications Required

Aside from the list of responsibilities, your job description should also specify the skills and key competencies. A competent cleaner should be time-conscious, honest, independent, and have initiative. For more information about requirements, refer to the FAQ section below.

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