Cleaning Services Invoices Templates

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How to Make a Cleaning Services Invoice

For both billing and bookkeeping purposes, invoices are essential for all kinds of service-focused business (as an Investopedia article explains). Not only that, but invoices offer a degree of flexibility in customization, allowing your cleanup company to make a unique design of its own.

Making a cleaning services invoice is fairly direct. However, if you’re new to doing so, then consider reading our tips just below.

1. Implement a Professional Layout for Your Cleaning Services Invoice

Presentation is always one of the key factors of designing a commercial document. When deciding on what size to give your cleaning services invoice, go with either A4 or US letter. Next, use your application’s ruler to set 1-inch margins for bordering your content.

2. Write Down Some Vital Details in Your Cleaning Services Invoice

For your invoice design’s content, start by putting together a simple title at the top—such as “Home Cleaning Invoice.” Right below that, enter the invoice’s date, ID number, and due date.

Moving on, write down your cleaning company’s name, address, and contact information. Finally, include the client’s information and shipping details.

3. Add a Grid Table to Your Cleaning Services Invoice

When inputting the invoice’s payment details (i.e., quantity, unit price), you need a grid table to organize all the necessary items. With a table, your content looks tidy and is easy to read. Additionally, incorporate some simple coloring in the table’s cells.

4. Make Your Cleaning Services Invoice Look Recognizable

To make your cleaning services invoice stand out, apply your business’s branding colors to the text, grid table, and graphic design. Lastly, insert your logo into one of the document’s upper corners.

Now you can effectively compose an invoice design for your cleaning company! And don’t forget to use our Cleaning Services Invoice Template for quick and easy content creation.


  • What kinds of services can a cleaning company provide?

      Here are a few examples of services:

      1. Cleaning bathrooms.
      2. Vacuuming floors.
      3. Dusting surfaces and fixtures.
  • What happens when deep cleaning a house?

      The following are standard when deep cleaning a house:

      1. Wiping all objects and surfaces.
      2. Thorough bathroom cleanup.
      3. Dusting all areas.
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      The following applications are compatible:

      1. Apple Numbers
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