Cleaning Services Price List Templates

Let People Know How Much Your Services Cost with's Cleaning Services Price List Templates. Highlight the Pricing Range of Your Carpet Cleaning, Dry Cleaning, Laundry, Window Cleaning, House Cleaning, Spring Cleaning, and Other Services. And, If You're Selling Cleaning Chemicals, Include the Price as Well. Download a Template and Design Printable Price Lists!See more

Are you opening a commercial cleaning service for companies? Or maybe, you are opening a deep cleaning service for residential properties? Either way, know that the clients are conscious when it comes to what they pay. The budget or cost matters the most in picking the right cleaning service provider. So whether the client needs a deep cleaning, laundry washing, or carpet cleaning, providing a price list for each service is important. But don’t worry! offers a variety of service price list templates you can download and print. 

Indeed, writing down the price list on each service you offer helps the client make better decisions. Other than that, it presents the service information and related sales that the clients might need. So, allow us to help you. Check out our sample lists templates, including house cleaning and office cleaning services. These templates contain ready-made content, but if you want to make changes, you can do it in minutes. guarantees free customizations using an editor tool that is accessible in any web browser available, such as Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Use your laptop or smartphones to edit. So, you can make adjustments anytime and anywhere. 

Writing a price list is not a promotion, but it helps your clients decide. That is why when you are having trouble creating one, don’t hesitate to browse from our printable lists. Subscribe to our monthly subscription plan to get the job done in no time. Check out the rest of our collections as well for your business. So, download now!