How to Make a Clerk Job Description in Docs

A lot of time and planning goes into hiring new employees. However, you can do some streamlining with a well-written job description.

Wright State University explains that a job description should provide interested applicants with the position’s title, definition, duties/responsibilities, and requirements. With the help of our tips (seen below) and Google Docs, you can save time in writing a proper clerk job description!

1. State the Complete Internal Job Title

With an appropriate template open in Google Docs, you should start off by stating what the complete official job title is. Providing the full title of the position acts as a good introduction for candidates with an exact clerk job in mind.

2. Give a Concise Definition of the Job

Next, you’ll want your job description to give a brief yet informative explanation of what exactly the purpose of the position is. If the reader finds that it coincides with what they’re particularly searching for, then they’ll definitely want to keep reading.

3. Set Their Expectations

Your document should contain a list of the different duties and responsibilities that come with the position, should an applicant choose to take it up and be employed. It’s important to be transparent and clearly disclose each given to the reader, as to prevent any confusion or misunderstanding that might otherwise occur down the line. This is especially important for a clerk position, considering how varied the work can be.

Remember to section off the list if it’s quite lengthy.

4. Provide All of the Necessary Requirements for the Clerical Position

Lastly, be sure not to forget any of the qualifications that a candidate needs to fulfill if they want to land the job. Also, you’ll want to clarify the minimal requirements and the ones that are ideal/preferred.

Whether you need an assistant bookkeeper or a hotel receptionist, you can count on our ready-made Clerk Job Description Templates to complement your recruitment procedures!

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