With the appearance of many coffee shops nowadays, it is really hard to capture customers. Regardless of what kind of coffee you are serving it all comes down to one thing: competition. Take your advertising to a whole new level of awesomeness to amaze consumers using our Coffee Shop Brochure Templates. These samples are 100% customizable and printable. Personalize these beautifully made samples perfectly and make your targets come to your shop regularly. Using these template you would save a lot of time and effort as they come with ready-made content and graphics. You only need to spend some minutes in customizing them and you are good to go. Thus, subscribe now and start downloading!

What is a Coffee Shop Brochure?

A coffee shop brochure is the type of marketing tool that promotes shops whose primary products are coffee or other hot beverages. It is more appropriate to use in shops like these than a flyer or a poster because of its quality and flexible characteristics.

How to Make an Attractive Coffee Shop Brochure?

No matter how good your coffee products and how delicious your pastries are, in the present market competition because you may struggle to gain customers. That is why you need to have a better marketing strategy plan and marketing medium, brochures specifically to attract their attention and interest to your shop. Thus, we give you some tips and guidelines that will assist you in creating an enticing and professional brochure.

1. Be Smart

You need to be clever in outsmarting your competitors. Hence, take time to research more effective ways to turn leads into real and loyal ones. You must possess good decision-making skills in order to achieve success. Moreover, decide on what to change or add in your sample brochure, interior design, etc. for the betterment of your business.

2. Work on It

Start working on your commercial brochure. There are a lot of coffee shop brochures available to use for reference, ensure that you use the coffee shop brochure that matches well with your establishment's interior design and theme. Furthermore, determine the size —choose between (US) 8.5x11 inches and (A4) 8.27x11.69 inches, type of brochure fold — if you want it to be tri-fold, bi-fold, z-fold, or gatefold, and other technical aspects of your craft.

3. Appropriateness is Key

The brochure is for your coffee shop and not for a club or bar so use relaxing or calming color schemes so that even if it is only a piece of paper, people can visualize. Your brochure must make the targets feel the ambiance of your establishment. Use and trust your senses in getting the layout done. Also, use images that are eye-catching and good-looking such as a hot coffee in a white cup with amazing shapes, attention-grabbing but not chaotic font styles and sizes, and other elements.

4. Accuracy in Details is a Must

Inputting the necessary information should be done carefully. You do not want to mislead and confuse your prospective clients and regular customers, right? That is why be sure that the details that you are entering in your simple brochure are correct and spot-on. Add details like the name of your shop, the logo, the slogan, the goals that you wish to achieve, testimonials from satisfied customers, address and contact information, etc. Also, be persuasive but not to the point that it sounds demanding, thus, be mindful with your tone.

5. Polish and Print

After everything has been entered and done, allocate some time for the final check so that you can guarantee that your craft is perfect. Afterward, you can print out some copies. For best results, use sturdy and glossy papers in printing.

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