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What Is a Collection Document?

This type of document's purpose is to point out what it is that one party has to collect from another. It outlines everything from what exactly has to be collected, how it's going to be collected, and who it's going to be collected from. Many businesses have different uses for this document. One may decide to send it to inform someone about his/her debt and collect payment. Another may use it to request for certain sheets or forms containing important information. So if you're ever going to make a collection document, make sure that you understand what it's for. 

How to Create a Collection Document in Google Docs

1. Know the Document's Purpose

Know that you cannot begin putting in the document's contents if you do not even know why you need to make it. So there are three questions that you need to ask: what do you have to collect, who do you have to collect it form, and when do you need it? Once you have found your answers, you may then move on to the next step.

2. Place Your and the Recipient's Basic Information

You want to make sure the document makes its way to the right person, as well as ensuring that the recipient knows exactly who is responsible for sending it. So what you'll want to share is the name, address, and contact details of the sender. As for the recipient, you may only be required to put in his/her complete name, but include any additional information if absolutely necessary. Also, do not forget to include the exact date in which the letter was sent. 

3. Explain the Details Regarding the Collection

Now you will need to share what it is that you are going to collect from the recipient. When doing this, be sure that the tone of every sentence within the document is both formal and professional. You will have to point out what it is that you have to collect and the deadline in which you expect to receive it. So let's say that you're sending this document to remind an individual about his/her upcoming payment. Write down the exact amount that he/she is expected to pay, the exact date in which the payment must be made, and the method that he/she is allowed to use. Just make sure to provide all necessary details regarding what you're going to collect.

4. Go Through the Document

When you're done putting in what you need to, it is best that you go through the document to see if there are any mistakes. Check every piece of information to see if there are any errors that you have to correct immediately. Look for ones pertaining to grammar and spelling as those are usually the most common. Also, check to see that there aren't any inaccuracies to avoid potential issues. 

5. Use Google Docs

Google Docs is without a doubt one of the most user-friendly web-based applications one can possibly use. So using it to make whatever collection document you need is certainly one of the better options. So long as you have a Googe Mail account, you will always have access to the application. Also, it has all the tools you'll need and everything is very easy to use, meaning that you should be able to finish making the document in a quick and easy manner.