Award certificates are necessary for all kinds of accomplishments in a college or university, from activity participation to course graduation. Are you in need of 100% customizable materials for designing such prints? Then feel free to use our professional College Certificate Templates. With our samples, you can quickly compose a physical award for any academic achievement. And you’ll have no trouble with compatibility, as our materials are editable in Google Docs, Apple Pages, and more! Download today and provide college students the official recognition they deserve!

How to Make a College Certificate

With the flexible customization of certificates, you can provide due recognition for a plethora of achievements (as a Lifewire article explains). This makes certificates perfect for any type of recognition in higher education.

Whether it’s for a student, teacher, or other kinds of individuals, making your college certificate look presentable is crucial. If you’re wondering how to do so, consider reading our tips just below.

1. Prepare Your College Certificate’s Size and Orientation

When designing certificates as college awards, paying attention to its layout first is integral. For your design’s orientation format, both landscape and portrait are usable. For size, there are several standard choices you can opt for: 8.5” x 11”, 8.5” x 14”, 11” x 14”, and 11” x 17”.

2. Apply Simple, Professional Graphics in Your College Certificate

A formal look is essential for a college certificate. You can achieve this in your custom design by utilizing sleek vector graphics, mainly applying them to the borders. Additionally, carefully pick out some of the negative space in your certificate and apply subtle renders there, as well.

3. Set Up Your College Certificate’s Font

Typography is another contributor to your award’s aesthetics. For a college certificate, implement a font style with a simple yet formal appearance. In terms of font color, keep the majority of your text black while using something different for the award title and the awardee’s name.

4. Make Your College Certificate Unique

In your certificate design, incorporate your college’s signature colors in the graphics and font. Along with that, add your institute or organization’s logo into one of the certificate’s upper corners.

After reading our tips, you now have a firm understanding of creating a degree, diploma, scholarships, and other college awards! Also, if you need easily editable materials to expedite your design process, go ahead and download our College Certificate Templates.

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