How to Make a Commercial Brochure in Microsoft Word

A commercial brochure is a piece of document used to advertise a particular commercial product. Usually, it is considered as an effective evident marketing platform. Based on Bentley University studies, 80% of people consider the business they saw advertised on a brochure. Especially for residential property, it is hard to sell, so a commercial brochure would greatly help those businesspeople. With that, we provide you tips on how to make a brochure for your commercial needs:

1. Understand your Target Audience

Before you spend your time starting a plan for your desired brochure, make sure that you fully understand as to where your brochure would land. Consider factors like why this product, its advantages, and how it would help them. If you do not have any single idea about them, then do not hesitate to ask and navigate. You can conduct a survey with your customers or do research online and look for inspiration. Collect sufficient data and use it as your brochure's foundation.

2. Construct an Appropriate Headline

Consider yourself as a consumer, and you encountered a brochure with a boring headline, you would not want to read the rest of it. So, to avoid it happening in your simple brochure, you need to come up with an appropriate and appealing headline for your audiences. Make it suitable and relatable for your product. For example, if you are making a real estate brochure, instead of using boring and monotonous adjectives for your headline, you can make use of encouraging and lively ones that would encourage your audiences to avail a house.

3. Include Key Information

After your headline, you can now focus on your brochure's information or content. Remember, you are commercializing your product or service, so you must include key information that would encourage them to avail of the said product or service. Include your company information, logo, product information, and more. For example, if you are making a floral brochure to commercialize your flower shop, including your location, the flowers that you sell, bouquet and delivery services, and more.

4. Come up With Brochure Design Ideas

The graphic design of your advertising brochure is as important as its content. So, brainstorm and come up with designs that are relatable for your product. Start with the overall layout of your brochure's texts. Avoid cluttered and blocks of texts by using bullets in arranging your information. Also, make use of basic font style and size. Avoid using multiple fonts, especially if you are making an industrial company brochure.

5. Be Transparent and Responsive

As you want to connect and communicate with your clients through your brochure, you might as well put a section in your business brochure where they can contact you— through a call-to-action. You would want your customers or clients to reach out to you for further details, so include one. Be sure that your clients can easily respond to you, especially for business inquiries. The transparent and reachable you are, the effective the brochure will be.

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