Every company must follow a workflow structure to avoid confusion, making mistakes, and, most importantly, to work effectively. Because how can you produce or meet your client's/customer's expectations if everyone within the company doesn't follow a single procedure that will lead to the same result or solution? For that reason, we have created an array of Company Flowchart Templates in Apple Pages so that you can provide a clear visual flow of your company's processes. Whether it's a manufacturing company, clothing company, construction company, event planning company, real estate company, or what, these templates will surely help increase productivity. Let your business run at its highest peak. Download a template in A4 or US Letter sizes.

How To Make A Company Flowchart In Apple Pages

Business companies face different kinds of challenges each day. And as the business grows, these problems require different solutions. According to Info Entrepreneurs, 5 of the common challenges growing companies face are keeping up with the market trend, planning, problem-solving, finding the right systems, and cash flow and financial management. Now, as the business owner, it is your job to make sure these problems get fixed for your company to thrive. And for you to achieve this, you would need a flow chart.

A flowchart is a tool that allows you to present a process clearly and visually so that everyone in the company knows how to execute a particular process correctly. And when everyone works towards a common goal, there would be efficiency and an increase in productivity.

For Mac users, the following is a guide that will help you come up with a useful company flowchart in Apple Pages.

1. Gathering the Required Data

Firsts thing first, define what is presented in your flow diagram to identify the data you need. For instance, it's an ordering process for a food company. Collect and list down the data that goes along the process. This includes getting the food ingredients (the names of ingredients itself), inspecting the ingredients and tools ( name of ingredients and tools to inspect), cooking procedures, and more. Be specific. Don't just include the needed steps. Provide the items required to execute the step. Aside from that, get the names of individuals involved in the process.

2. Understanding the Process Flow

Once you've identified the required steps, and clearly understood the current process, work on a new and improve steps for the process. And don't make this alone. Work together with a team to come up with a more easy but effective flow. Do this in a hierarchical order so that you can easily spot missing or unnecessary steps. Now, the purpose of your flowchart is to provide a simpler and less technical process so that company employees can easily understand how a process works and, so avoid using jargon words and keep your words simple and concise.

3. Forming the Flowchart

Create a new Apple Pages document to start assembling the chart. But first, decide whether you'll use a ready-made template or not. The beauty of using a ready-made template is that you don't have to make the flowchart from scratch. That's why we recommend that you use one. However, if you choose to make it from scratch, start off with a blank document and supply it with shapes. Put a step for every shape that you add. And when you layout them, use arrow as your connector to make the flow clearer. Also, fill in the shapes with colors to make it look lively.

4. Validating the New Process

For every document that you make, a review should always follow. That's because there could be errors and information you miss to include. Or perhaps, you've come up with a more relevant process.

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