Improving cash flow in business is crucial. However, a business gift certificate can allow investments to come back. With that, download our 100% customizable Company Gift Certificate Templates that you can edit in various file formats. Either looking for a Christmas or Holiday gift certificate, you can get this opportunity for customers to use your products by downloading our templates!

How To Create a Company Gift Certificate

A gift card certificate helps you set a stronger relationship with your customers. That is why we help you do the process with the steps below that you can follow!

1. Plan Out

Before jumping into the designs, coordinate with the marketing team to identify the current trends, voucher, rate, and sizes necessary. The sizes vary depending on your content.

2. Write Down the Offers

Next, write down your offer and ensure to put a convincing and realistic gift card amount. Your pricing strategies must include discounts and freebies appropriate to your products’ original price.

3. Unleash Creativity

With your content ready, unleash your creativity by adding colors and logo in your gift certificate design. Secure to maintain readability of text information and professionalism of colors that match your company’s brand.

General FAQs

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