Business industries are social structures, so networking and keeping tabs of corporate contacts is a priority. If your company is about to host an event, one of the things you need to prepare is a good invitation. Lucky for you, we have these Company Invitation Templates that you can customize using Adobe Illustrator. Each one is professionally created with sample content and ready-made designs. Afterward, you can print them in a card or email a digital copy to your beloved guests. Take the first step to a hassle-free party by downloading a template now!

How to Make a Company Invitation in Adobe Illustrator

A 2010 article from Business Insider stated that social gatherings can do wonders for the business. Both simple office dinners and company-wide anniversary gigs can be great opportunities for meeting investors and establishing the brand. To ensure the success of your event, start by preparing stylish, modern invites. Below are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Follow the Theme

Every event has a particular theme. Your invitation has to reflect that theme, from the color scheme and design to the words you’ll use in incorporating the information your guests have to know. Invitations are not just tools to deliver the details of your event, after all. They are also part of the entire experience.

2. Indicate the Time and Place

The main content of your invitation still has to be the basic details of the event, including the schedule and venue. Be specific with the time so guests can prepare ahead. Indicate how long each event segment is expected to last. You are also encouraged to place specific directions to your venue, so guests who are not familiar with the place will not know how to get there.

3. Give a Brief Overview of the Event

Include in your invitation a quick preview of what the guests can expect during the event. Paint a picture of the entire experience, and convince them that attending will be worth their time. You can also provide details about the other people who are coming, as well as the things that will be discussed. You may attach a copy of the program for additional information.

4. Provide All Necessary Instructions

Make sure that you also put instructions for your guests to take note of regarding what to wear and bring for your event. Some gatherings require formal attire, while others can allow casual clothes. If your event has a specific theme, you may also include suggestions on how the guests can dress themselves to fit in.

5. Include Your Contact Information

Don’t forget to put your company’s contact details in your invitation. You may set up a separate hotline specific for the event alone. That way, the guests can call or send an inquiry if they have any clarification regarding the details indicated in the invite.

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