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How to Write a Construction Agreement in Google Docs?

Based on the recent report of Statista, the positive growth trend of the construction industry in the USA can generate a whopping US$ 1.43 trillion in revenue in 2023. This goes without saying that a great future is waiting for those who belong to this industry. However, with the number of construction companies in the country, it will be a challenge for an emerging construction business to prosper. Don’t get discouraged, for there are ways on how to keep up with the stiff competition. One way is to create a reliable and trustworthy construction agreement.

Make them in Google Docs and enjoy various features of using it. Google Docs can be the best file format to choose from while writing a vast document. Even if you by mistakingly close the window you will not lose the content you wrote because it is an online processor that works with links. You can share it with your team members and the entire team can work simultaneously on one file without creating any problem. It also marks up the incorrect word or phases quickly that would help you to make an error-free document for your construction business. Here are some simple and easy steps to make a construction agreement document in Google Docs in minutes:

Create a New Document

To start with a Google docs file, at first visit its site at and open the docs home screen. Press on the ‘Click New’, the sign 'New’ or ‘Blank’ page below the "Start a new document" tag. Double click on the left top ‘Untitled Document’ and name the file. You can copy and share the URL if you need to share the document with anyone for supervision or checking.

Compose the Content

Start with an appropriate title for the agreement and apt headings to specify the contractual details specifically. Add a description of the agreed obligation and exchanges, scope and nature of the work, timelines, resolutions for crises, signature, etc. Use the arrows on the left-hand side above the page to Undo ‘Undo’ and Redo ‘Redo’.

Format the Content

An agreement is a legal and formal document, maintain ‘1.5’ line spacing, ‘12’ font size of the text, and ‘Times New Roman’ or ‘Arial’ as the typography style. The main headings should always be in a larger font than the body text. You can do this all at one point using a shortcut, press ‘Ctrl+A' to select all the content and apply the changes.

Highlight Details

A construction business agreement needs to specify various details that should come first in the eyes of the reader. To do that you can 'Bold, Underline', or give the word/s 'Italic' style, or you can also highlight with color. For doing that, select the word/s by, ‘double-clicking’ on a word. If there are multiple words, click on the first word, drag the cursor and drop on the last. After doing so, apply the changes.

Insert Table/Images

To represent detailed construction project information, use tables and detail each amount or service adding the cost estimate or work order details. Go to ‘Insert’ at the top and select ‘table’ from the list and select the preferred one. If the agreement requires adding images or graphics, go to ‘insert’ and choose the ‘photos’ option. A small google photo gallery will come upon the right-hand side, select the required photo and select ‘open’.

Save and Share the Document

Once all the details have been added, review the document and save it. The process to save a Google Docs document, you need to download it. Go to the ‘File’ at the top, go to ‘Download’ and choose the file format you want the document to save in. You will get the file available in your desktop download section within a few seconds. You can share the document with anyone and you can also restrict their activity on the file. Google Docs provides three options on shared files ‘view, edit, and comment’. Sharing this document only with view access will not allow the receiver to ‘copy’ any detail, they can only view it. Sharing with ‘edit’, the receivers can view, edit, copy, and use the details but can not comment. Sharing with ‘comment’ accessibility helps the receiver to mark necessary change orders, required addition, etc.

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