Construction is a much profitable business but it has tremendous risks too. Without proper planning and organization, the whole operation may collapse. Planning begins with assessment and evaluation of the site conditions at present as well as analysis of previous similar cases to gain more knowledge. To make this process simple and less time consuming, we are offering an entire range of ready-made Construction Analysis Templates in Google Docs. Construction analysis allows you see possible problems that may occur during construction. Choose any template from our construction page and spend less time and effort on your work. Each template, in the collection, is editable and printable for your convenience. Don't ponder much and trust completely on our professionally written templates. Subscribe now to download!

How to Write a Construction Analysis in Google Docs?

A construction site may involve various types of risks and challenges. Identifying them all before sending men there to work is crucial for safety. There are a lot of possible issues that could crop up if a construction project is not analyzed and planned properly. Being able to be able to perform analysis will be quite advantageous aside from being able to find solutions for potential challenges. You can also find ways to make your construction processes more efficient.

Compile this extensive study in a simple and advanced word processor Google Docs. This processor helps in easy teamwork and gives access to online editing and working facilities. You can also restrict other team members’ actions on the document by using three different features of Google Docs, i.e., ‘only view, edit, and comment’. Also, you do not have to download any extra software or application for using this file format and it is compatible with all the devices of Mac, Microsoft, and Windows. We are citing some simple guidelines for making a construction analysis using Google docs.

Open the Document

Get started with a Google Docs file by visiting its site at Click the ‘Go to Google Docs’ option under the ‘Personal’ section. Select the ‘blank’ document from the page that comes up next. Double-click on the ‘Untitled Document’ at the top left corner to name the document.

Set the Header and Footer

Name the document with an appropriate project title by double-clicking at the top of the page. A ‘header’ section would come up, type the title and repeat the same with the footer content. You can also change the format, add page numbers and remove header and footer by selecting the title with the cursor and clicking the options button at the right side of the header line.

Start With the Content

  • Before you begin the analysis, you must first identify what could be the main problem of the entire project. You could do this by formulating a list of questions relevant to construction. These questions will be your guide in the following steps.
  • Next, you have to set parameters in which you categorize what sort of information you have to gather. Use the questions you have formulated as a reference and guide.
  • After you've formulated your questions and established the parameter checklists, you can begin gathering data with your parameters as your guide.
  • After you have collected your data, you will have to input them into a computer application that can document them. Your data would be best represented in a worksheet. The best applications for making worksheets are either Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. Choose whatever application you are most comfortable with.
  • With your data represented in a worksheet. You can begin to analyze them based on your parameters. Identify what are the trends in your data. From there you can conclude and prepare the appropriate measures

Format and Highlight Text

Select the entire content by pressing ‘Ctrl+A’ in Windows systems and press ‘Command+A’ in Mac systems. Next, format the entire content by applying ‘12’ font size, ‘Times New Roman’, ‘Arial’ or other standard typography styles, and ‘1.5’ line spacing. Fix the alignment, go to ‘Format’, choose ‘Align and Indent’, it will show many alignment options. Choose the required one.
Highlight the most essential analysis details regarding safety, cost-estimates, budgets, etc. using ‘Bold’, ‘Italic’, ‘Underline’, or ‘Background Colors’. Select the content by dragging the cursor from first to the last end of the word/s or sentence/s and apply changes.

Check and Save

Check the entire content twice before saving it to avoid errors and rectification. Once done, Go to ‘File’>’Download’ and choose any file format you want to save it in and you will get it in your desktop downloads.

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