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How to Create a Construction Analysis in Microsoft Word (Doc)?

To become one of the fastest-growing industries with over the U.S. $1,293 billion investment, the US construction businesses have made extensive study and analysis. Analyzing various internal and external factors of each construction project gives a better base for proper management. It is about the required resources, the time they might consume, and the amount of effort and workforce required to be put into the process.

The study itself sounds hectic, isn’t it? Choosing a simple word processor application would be better to avoid navigational issues. MS Word stands the best and simplest among all other word processors with various features you might need in this analysis. To make the process even more convenient, here are the guidelines that will help you create proper construction analysis in no time.

Create a New File

Open the processor by clicking on the “Word” icon at your desktop under Windows Office section. Wait till it loads, which generally takes 5 to 10 seconds. You will get a page on your screen next showing different types of documents, go to the ‘Search’ bar on the top and type the subject, i.e., ‘Analysis’. The result will give you various types of analysis templates, if that goes fit for your study click on that or select the ‘Blank document’.

Set the Page and Identify Departments

After opening a blank sheet, click the ‘Insert’ button at the top and select ‘Header’ it will give you space in the margined space of the page to title the document. You will get a small box on the left-hand side of the page, click on the ‘Page’ section there once you are done with title top start writing. When you need to edit the ‘Header’ or the ‘Page’ the small box would simplify the operation. Once the page is set, check out the various departments that encompass your construction company. This is where you are going to look at all of the multiple projects and events that each of these departments needs to achieve. If you are using a template, the header and descriptions would already be there highlighted with background color or other highlighting ways. Double-click on them and edit with your project details.

Identify a Team, Resources, and Duration

After checking out the departmental responsibility is to build a team that can help collect all the necessary data in the most productive way possible. Use columns or tables to specify each team’s work precisely. Go to the ‘Insert’ menu and click on the ‘Table’ option and choose the one fit to cover the number of teams you have. Or go to the ‘Page Layout’ menu and click on the ‘Column’ option and choose the type of column required. While using columns, specify the team's name at its top so that each team understands their specific duties.
The tables would be best to identify the required resources and their quantity in a clear order. It will help in defining the timeline too. Place a task or work title on the left-hand side and add its estimated required time on the right.

Check the Formatting and Highlighted Details

Every official or formal document text must be written in the set standard format. To follow that, maintain the text font size as ‘12’ in ‘Times New Roman’, ‘Arial’ or other standard typography styles with ‘1.5’ line spacing. The analysis report would add various essential details that the team must follow strictly. To make that happen, highlight those details by making them ‘Bold’, ‘Italic’, ‘Underlined’, or add ‘background’ color. Select the word/s or sentence/s by putting the cursor and dragging it from first to the last point of the word/s.

Know Your Expectations and Resize Objects

An analysis report may contain details as to how the operations are being carried out. It needs to have a record if the operation is being conducted in a manner in which all the schedules and resources have been very well used or not. Ensure that all processes in all departments are carried out in a way that is structured to help the construction company thrive through its success. All the objects included to define these details must get aligned neatly in between the document text. They might go out of the margins, to perfect them double click on the inserted object and adjust the appeared blue dots to resize.

Save the Document

Once, you have added all the required details in the document, press ‘F12’ or go to ‘File’ at the top left corner and click ‘Save as’. It will show you a window, add a name there for the document and choose a location at the desktop from where you would access the document next time. Click the ‘Save’ button after that.

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