Construction Budget Pages Templates

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How to Make a Construction Budget in Apple (Mac) Pages? 

Based on a report posted by Capterra, the U.S. Census found out on their survey that the total amount of construction projects increased to 1.8 trillion U.S. dollars in 2017 compared to the previous year with only 35.4 billion U.S. dollars. This data is an implication of higher growth for the industry in the coming years. Also, this means that this is the perfect time for an aspiring business person to dive into the industry.

Make sure your paperwork is always excellent, transparent, and communicative so that it impresses clients and brings WOM promotions. Start with a budget plan with which you can anticipate potential expenses and revenue. You can choose any software to prepare the document in, we are suggesting some steps to make it in Apple Pages to simplify the process. Pages allow various advanced features using which the task can be completed within a short time. Have a look at the specified steps below:

Analyze the Project and Launch the Application 

Before starting your budget plan, you need to learn ‘what’ and ‘why’ before you begin with the ‘how’. That means you need to know your goals before you start making a plan. To do this, gather information from different teams. Start assessing the required resources of the project and its possible limitations. If you are not successful in your research and analysis, you will not know the requirements that you have to comply with the project. So, talk it over with your team and come up with an adequate requirement plan. 

Once done with all the construction requirements and investment fields, click on the ‘Pages’; icon at your system to launch it. Select the ‘Blank’ or ‘New’ document and get started. Double-click at the top of the page to set a title and fix its alignment by going to the ‘toolbox’ that appears on the right side and choosing any of the three options. You can also color the title with different sheds by selecting the word/s and going to the same toolbox on the right-hand side of the screen. 

Determine the Scope and Project the Data

During the development of your budget, you need to determine the prospective scope of a particular project. The best way to do this is to learn the boundaries of your project with the help of your architects, engineers, and design consultants. Once you've fully understood how the project should go, you may then be able to easily visualize what kind of graphs, charts, or tables you'll be using in your budget. 

Add a table and columns containing the serial number, materials, services, or labors required, quantity, costs, and actual cost. And add timelines in the row and add the details properly. Go to the top and select ‘Table’ and choose the type of table required. To add charts or graphs for a clear representation of the details to the readers, go to the top or ‘Insert’ menu and select ‘Chart’ and for graphs select ‘Line’. 

Keep It Formal and Well-Formatted

It is important to keep the budget sheet professional-looking. If your budget document looks unorganized, it will confuse your audience. To help you make a neat budget plan, use the easy formatting feature of Pages, press ‘Command+A’ and apply ‘1.5’ line spacing, ‘12’ font size and standard typography style. ‘Times New Roman’ and ‘Arial’ are the most commonly used typography styles. Also, while making this plan, move-in sequential order and do not put the last component on the first. Start with a beginning, put the middle components and end with a total capital required and minus the amount from the net amount. With this, you can arrange all the pieces of data and group them accordingly.

While writing this document, you may get various aspects or details that need greater attention. To make it easily visible in the eyes of the reader, select those details clicking and dragging the cursor and use the shortcut ‘Return+Command+H’. Or go to the ‘Insert’ menu, scroll down, and select the ‘highlight option. 

Save and Consult the Construction Firm 

Once, all the details are added in the plan, go through it once again to rectify the errors. Go to ‘File’ to save the document or press ‘Option-Shift-Command-S’ to get the ‘Save as’ window. Name the file appropriately, choose a saving location and click on ‘Save’ to complete the task. 

After you come up with a budget plan, your next move is to consult experts. Most of the time, we do not know what is happening inside a construction project or the costs it takes to complete one. So, having an experienced engineer to provide the estimate is a great help for any company. Be sure that you also communicate directly with those who are involved in the project so that you'll have all the different viewpoints you need.