The Engineering and Construction industry is continuously growing despite the challenges it encountered. According to Deloitte, the E&C industry contributes well to building a bright future for the people and will also achieve more market growth in 2020. In line with this, competition among the businesses will constrict. For you to compete well with them, you need a strategic way to do so. Start encouraging your employees and business partners to work efficiently. Give out certificates now to let that happen! With our ready-made Construction Certificate Templates, you don't need to start from scratch. All of which are 100% customizable and printable in Adobe Indesign. Download one now and use Indesign's special features like Liquid Content insertion and Alternate Layouts to make your company's certificates.

How to Make a Construction Certificate in Indesign?

Certificates cover a lot of purposes, and workers aim to get one for another set of reasons too. In a recent survey done by Pearson VUE, it shows the reasons for employees on pursuing certifications. Results show that receiving certificates will provide them professional opportunities, improve their skills, and help them boost confidence. Building a good partnership with your construction supplier and employees depends on how you treat them with compassion. Are you currently on the verge of finishing a big Real Estate or Construction project? If yes, giving certificates is one way to show appreciation to your workers.
If you have no idea how to make one, you can refer to these know-hows provided below.

1. Draft your Content

First and foremost, you should identify the purpose of the simple certificates you are giving. Recognizing one gives you a better picture of your certificate. Is it to award personnel for their hard work? Are providing certificates for apprentices on their completion for the training? Or is it to give recognition for your worker's great achievement? If you can identify your purpose, you can proceed with the wordings of your certificate.

To start writing down your wordings, it must be simple and straightforward. You can start with the noting must-have elements in your certificate, such as the company who will present it, the name of the certificate, date, and place you will give it. Make sure that your certificates contain these elements.

2. Download a Template

Nothing beats well-designed certificates. When it comes to presenting it to your awardees, it should be a certificate that possesses style and formality. With our vast collection of editable certificates, you can download that without a sweat. Remember that as you obtain one, it must be something that meets your objectives. If you want to be unique, you can by personalizing it. Alter its graphical design until it reaches your desired outcome.

3. Incorporate Recipient's Name

The most crucial part of crafting a construction certificate is incorporating the recipient's name. Take note that you shouldn't misspell it, especially when you present it to your Construction Business partners. It is the highlight of your modern certificate; hence you can emphasize it by typing it in bold or choosing a different typeface to use.

It would also be a perfect opportunity to flaunt out your brand. When you are in business, branding helps you stand out from your competitors. With that in line, showcase your brand well in any documents or material you are producing. In this, input your company name, logo, address and hotline or email just like you include in your Construction Flyer or Brochures.

4. Secure Signs from Authorized Personnel

To ensure the credibility of the certificates you are giving, it must have the approval from authorized personnel. Upon bestowing your printable certificates, you must first get hold of the signatures. It could be from the CEO or President of the company and the one who manages the giving of certificates.
When you grant certificates, sure you want it to be presentable. Hence, as you print them out, use high-caliber card stock then place them in a frame.

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