How to Create a Construction Cost Analysis Sheet?

Along with cost-benefit analysis and cost-estimate, a construction cost analysis is a crucial process in every construction project. It’s a breakdown of all the expenses or costs incurred by the construction company for a specific project or activity. According to Rider Levett Bucknall’s First Quarter 2019 North American Quarterly Construction Cost Report, there’s a 5.7% rise in construction costs in the USA. And the number could go up. Here are various factors that you need to consider when creating an accurate construction costs analysis.

1. Labor Costs

Manpower is the most essential element to complete your construction project. You have to consider the cost of living of your workers, the demand and supply, and productivity.

2. Construction Material Costs

Regardless if it’s a building or residential construction, material costs should be given priority. Although you don’t want sub-standard materials, you need to do a comparison between your labor costs and materials costs.

3. Construction Financing

In order to begin a project, there has to be a fixed financing scheme. Make sure to decide how do you plan to finance a construction project.

4. Constructions Service and Utility Costs

These include real estate or building management systems, power supply, energy allocation, fire protection, lifts, and escalators, building ventilation, water system, plumbing system, lighting, and security.

5. Overhead and Profit

Although they’re two different elements in construction costs, they always come together. Overhead costs are the regular expenses of your project such as accounting fees, legal fees, and insurance. Profit is what the general contractors make after accounting for all construction expenses.

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