How to Create Construction Cost Analysis in Pages

Before creating a cost analysis for any construction project, you must have the output of expenditures and the received budget cash (or check), so you will have reliable data to use as a reference. You will also need the list of services provided, vendor list, a spreadsheet, and the steps below to start your task.

1. Write Down Details of Project

The project information will serve as the header of your document. Here, describe the particulars of the project, such as its name, location, starting date of construction, and the project permit number.

2. Use the Right Format

Make it easier for your readers to scan through the document by making use of an organizing tool such as tables or spreadsheets. Then, arrange every category, making it quick to track its contents. There are standard formats for cost analysis online that you can use as a basis, especially if this is your first time creating one.

3. Enumerate Your Sub-categories Correctly

There are construction services that are sub-categorized, such as labor, equipment rentals, and raw material list. For those who have several sub-contractors, they need to be identified correctly, especially when the cost analysis is for a payment process. Be mindful and do not spread them all over the sheets. List each sub-category in their respective classifications.

4. Compute Quantity and Price Efficiently

When calculating the number of items or the amount of prices, do so with the utmost care. Mistakes in the estimate will jeopardize your construction budget. Verify the exact total of your computation and execute it twice or thrice for assurance.

5. Furnish With A Note

If there is anything in your cost analysis that may warrant confusion, do provide notes underneath the file so your readers can identify items they do not understand. Use symbols and a legend note if you can.

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