Be it residential real estate or a company office building, taking on a construction project requires a good deal of planning and management. From assessing your budget to organizing your manpower, there’s plenty of factors to consider. And, because of this, a significant amount of paperwork and documentation is essential to this type of work. So, as our way of helping you out, we have a set of professional Construction Field Templates that you can quickly download! Save time and effort by incorporating our 100% customizable content of Apple Pages, available in both A4 and US letter sizes. Download now! Run your contractor business more easily with our easily editable samples!

How to Make Construction Field Templates in Apple Pages?

As explained by Britannica, construction has always been an integral part of surviving in different environmental conditions and developing our technology. And, eventually, a large and profitable industry blossomed from the field of construction.

And so, to properly conduct your own construction or contractor firm, taking care of the right paperwork is necessary. Fortunately, we’ve prepared a lineup of simple steps (down below) on how you can compose reusable templates for your construction-related job!

1. Prepare a Proper Format for Your Work

To start off, open a new file or document in Apple Pages. Then, pick an orientation type that best suits the type of paperwork you need. The landscape is good for things like datasheets and schedules, while the portrait is suitable for construction checklists and forms.

Next, apply a margin along the border of your document—go with 1 inch.

2. Include Basic Information

Now, depending on your document, there are different kinds of fields that ask for general details. The company name, address, and contact information are usually a given. However, there are documents that require client information, document IDs, writer’s information, summaries, etc.

3. Data and Key Content

After the basic information fields are put in place, it’s time to set up the section(s) for the main meat of your document. For things like surveys, questionnaires, and the like, arrange each item into a numbered list.

For tracking or calculating data/values, incorporate the use of a table. Plan out space you need in your document and use the Insert function to add in the table. Take advantage of colors to improve your table’s readability.

Then, for things like forms, construction contracts, etc., be sure to section out the content by using headers and subheaders. Lists can also be used for pointing out items.

4. Add Some Flair

If you’d like to make your documents look more presentable, then it doesn’t hurt to have a dash of professional flair in there! Insert some clipart or thematic imagery into your written content. A good place to start is art/photos of buildings, skylines, bridges, and equipment. Construction iconography can also help out here, And, you can add sleek geometric graphic designs on cover pages or along page borders to match your construction-based paperwork.

Once all of that’s been taken care of, remember to review your work and you now have a template for your convenience!

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