It has been studied that 84% of consumers read their mail only if it's personalized and looks interesting, according to InfoTrends. That's why companies invest quite a lot of time in designing personalized marketing tools such as business cards, brochures, etc. to attract more customers. But you do not need to spend any more time or penny on a graphic designer. With's readymade Construction Graphic Templates in Publisher, you can now easily reach and attract your target audience instantly! From flyer templates, business card templates, to tri-fold templates, we have it all! Subscribe to our collection now and make your mark in the construction market today!

How to Make Construction Marketing Templates in Publisher?

These days, with the advancement in technology, all businesses can now be found online. Companies have developed strategies to do online marketing effectively. However, old-school flyers and brochures are still effective methods of promoting companies. According to Medium, flyer advertising alone has a speedy lead generation compared to other modes of advertising. The expenses are also considerably lower. Flyers and other printed marketing tools also give you the chance to be more creative with the designs. If you're looking for ways to boost lead generation for your construction business, feel free to browse our library. You can also access our proposal templates for other methods of selling yourself to potential clients. However, if you prefer creating your designs using publisher yourself, here are a few steps on how you can make your construction marketing materials.

1. Make Use of Presets.

Microsoft Publisher has construction brochures and letterheads preset available for you to use. Microsoft has made it easier for you to create marketing materials. You can easily place images and content in the marketing tool with a ready-made layout. Use them to your advantage.

2. Create an Excellent Company Profile.

An excellent company profile is sure to attract clients. Boast, as much as you can, with the awards and certificates that your company has received. Awards build brand awareness. Brand awareness generates customer trust.

3. Experiment with Designs.

MS Publisher has a few ready-made brochure designs. If you'd like to try other eye-catching designs, click the Page Design tab. There are multiple colors and themes available for you to work with. The most popular colors that construction companies use are yellow and brown, which signifies earth or soil.

4. Enhance Your Marketing Content.

Depending on the type of marketing material that you want to use, the material may also vary. For example, flyers or brochures usually have popping texts that would catch your attention at first glance. The message is often short and straightforward and answers the basic "What," "When," "Where," "How" questions.

5. Distribute.

When distributing marketing materials, you have to be aware of the timing and the audience. If you'd like to reach young, working adults, then it would be essential to distribute these flyers after office hours where they'd have more time reading it. Identify your target audience and figure out the correct timing.

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