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How to Produce a Construction ID Card in Apple Pages?

According to a recent study, from around the years 2010 to 2017, the United States has hired around 10.7 million people in the construction industry. That’s a lot of people, all doing different jobs and contributing to all sorts of construction projects. When it comes to construction work, sometimes security is needed to make sure only the right people are in the right place. With a lot of people, ID Cards are necessary to get everybody accounted for. If you need help getting started with creating the ID card, then continue reading on how to make one using Apple Pages:

1. Plan the ID Layout

You can start creating the Identity card by planning the layout of it. You should decide first on the type of ID orientation whether the ID will be in a portrait or landscape orientation. Consider the proportion of the details such as background, font style, formatting, and spacing. Allocate space for the construction employee’s photo in the card. The goal is to make an ID card where everything in it will look good and well-proportioned. Try to go for a unique design. Once you’ve gone through all this planning, the next steps should be smooth sailing from then on.

2. Security First

The purpose of an ID Card is to make sure only specific people can access a specific place. When making your ID Card design, keep in mind whether or not this will help security identify your employees in the construction field. Construction companies must have a thorough security system that covers all employees from the contractor to the janitor. Some ways you can incorporate security measures into the ID Card is to include space for a magnetic stripe, a chip or a biometric feature. You may also incorporate color-coding to indicate an employee’s level of clearance with security. Make sure the employee's job title is also visible and prominent so that authorized personnel is easily cleared.

3. Include The Brand

Adding the Company’s name and logo into the ID card of the employees can make an effective marketing tool as well. Coordinate the color scheme, add the company’s logo, use professional fonts and graphics to enhance its professional aesthetic as well. The ID card is not only used as identification for the person coming in, but it also represents the construction company as a whole wherever the employee goes. People who end up interacting with your employees can check out your company and this may draw in potential clients.

4. Place the Details

An ID Card must have the personal information of an employee for easy identification with the security. So allocate space for the name, photo, job position and contact details of the employee. Make sure the font used for the details are clear and professional looking. If you decide to incorporate a design on the other side of the ID card as well, you may add in details about your company’s brand as well.

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