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Engaged in a Construction-Related Business? Then Monitor Your Expenses and Create Your Invoice Quickly and Easily with's Construction Invoice Templates. Our Ready-Made Receipts, Billing Forms, and Pro Forma Invoices Have Built-in Contents You Can Fully Edit, Modify, or Replace to Your Specifications. Download for Free in Google Docs File.See more

    How to Make a Construction Invoice In Google Docs?

    It’s hard to overstate just how important the construction industry is worldwide. Not only does the evergrowing population of our planet demand their work, but the advancements of both residential housing and urban landscapes also rely on this field’s continuous development. If your own business is a part of this commerce, then you surely want to keep things running shipshape--right down to the paperwork. And, one particular type of paperwork that needs both form and function is your invoice.

    As mentioned on a page from, an invoice is a payment statement made in an itemized format and sent as a notice. So, as a document meant for the eyes of your clients, it’s no wonder presentation is something to be considered. That’s why we’ve composed a downloadable library of Ready-Made Construction Invoice Templates to give you a hand! Spend minimal time and effort when assembling a custom invoice design by utilizing our user-friendly samples. To make things even easier for you, we’ve prepared a set of simple tips (below) showing how to use Google Docs for convenient editing!

    1. Choose a Suitable Invoice Design

    Having a busy work schedule means little to no time for working on an invoice template. Though, that won’t be a problem with our customizable samples, since each one is meant for quick and easy editing. We also have a wide variety to choose from, so you’re bound to find something that matches your business’ taste.

    2. A Smart and Convenient Tool

    In search of an approachable editing application that works well for both desktop and mobile platforms? If that’s the case, then you’ll feel right at home with Google Docs! Not only is Docs free of charge with a registered Google account, but it works well as either a word processor or a template editor. The chances of losing these file are also less as it is an online processor.

    Once you have Docs ready and waiting, start making all the necessary changes to the downloaded template. While replacing the prewritten text, use font styles and colors that aren’t so hard to read. Be sure to remember all the necessary information and not to accidentally leave anything out (such as the company’s name, contact information, website, address, etc). Don’t forget about your company logo! Before finalizing your work, review all the changes you’ve made and correct any mistakes you might have made. Afterward, remember to save your edit.

    3. Improve Yourself and the Business

    If you’d like to get your own work and schedule organized, then having a planner is a good idea. And, to improve your professional image when meeting clients and associates, consider printing out a few business cards to carry around. Looking to improve the exposure of your firm? Make some posters and brochures to show off your offers to the public!

    4. Ready for Billing

    With your company’s new custom invoice template completed, you’re ready to send notices with a bit of flair. Prepare a handsome-looking bill to represent your brand by downloading any of our Ready-Made Construction Invoice Templates!