Construction Leaflets Templates

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How to Make a Construction Leaflet?

To make a professional but creative construction leaflet for marketing purposes, you need to have the appropriate tools to design it, your ideas, and the basic data of your company. Here are a few steps to start an efficient construction advertisement for your leaflet.  

1. Construct a Layout 

Your first task when making a leaflet is to form a layout. Your layout is the basis of your design that helps you plan the arrangement of your texts and other visual elements and establish consistency. An excellent layout not only provides balance for the composition, but it also emphasizes every displayed content and image. A perfect way to make a layout is to use grids. Grids give a systematized view of the symmetry of your elements. You can use scaling to emphasize a focal point of your subject or the Rule of Thirds to equalize every component. Always keep in mind that a messy layout will surely ruin the whole leaflet, so you need to consider your layout's style thoroughly. 

2. Combine Like Colors 

When incorporating multiple colors for your leaflet, it is advisable to mix and match colors attentively. One way to find out if your colors are the right combination is to use a color wheel. You can also refer to the colors of your images to help you decide what colors should be used in the background and fonts to match them. When choosing a color palette, try to combine light and dark shades to provide excellent contrast. 

3. Use Less Images

Your leaflet has a limited amount of space that you can work on, that's why do not go overboard with your images. If you can, use only one to two images, three if you minimize them. However, if you have that one high-quality photo, then use that one and nothing more. Leave all remaining photos for your construction lookbook or brochures

4. Observe Typography Hierarchy 

When using typography in your leaflet, you must observe how to incorporate hierarchy properly in the text spaces. Use contrasting three fonts for each level of content—one for the title, subheaders, and the main text. Make sure to observe correct spacing between words and letters. Since you need to look professional in your approach with the readers, do not use cursive fonts. Always utilize sans serif or serif fonts because they are legible even when they are smaller in size against other text. Understanding how typography works can be beneficial for you and your audience because it aids you in creating content that is readable and understandable. 

5. Write about Your Subject, Nothing More

If your cause is to promote a service, focus on that one. If you need to introduce your company to the audience, stress on it more. To make your subject stand out, your content should emphasize more of it without distracting it with unnecessary words. If you want to make your customers more interested, provide your location, website, or phone number where they can inquire about you.  


  • What Is a Construction Leaflet?

      A construction leaflet is a printed advertisement media utilized by construction companies for their business marketing. It is a single piece of paper similar to flyers and contains brief information about a company's history, mission, and services. Sometimes, it is used to promote specific construction projects too.

  • How Effective are Leaflets for Construction Businesses?

      Leaflets are simple advertising tools that you can send both online or hand out to people in a traditional way. For its compact size, and short messages, people hardly ignore them. Even if they read it or not, it is often passed to another party who finds interest in it.

  • What to Put in a Construction Leaflet?

      • Always put the business logo and brand at first. 
      • Add a title. 
      • Add a purpose. 
      • Give specific details. 
      • Set a message that is in the interest of the target audience. 
      • Keep an active tone. 
      • Use spacing appropriately.  
      • Add relevant graphics. 
      • Add a ‘call to action’. 
  • What are the Benefits of Using Leaflets for Construction Projects?

      • It helps in long-term event promotion. 
      • It allows space for vital information concisely. 
      • The key messages added to leaflets encourage readers to read. 
      • It is a cheaper advertising tool as compared to other ones. 
      • They are visually pleasing.
      • It has an eye-catching folding style. 
  • What are the Disadvantages of Leaflets? 

      • Once they are read, people discard them. 
      • It does not create a long-term impact. 
      • People may not find it important always.