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How to Create a Construction Leaflet in MS Word

One of the significant contributors to the U.S. economy is the construction business. In fact, the country is known to be the second-largest construction market around the world. According to Associated General Contractors of America data, the market has over 680,000 companies with more than seven million workers that produce about  $1.3 trillion worth of buildings annually. This implies that competition in the field of construction business must be very high. And with that, you need a construction advertisement that will help you promote your engineering and building services. Here, we provided practical tips to help you create a unique and winning construction leaflet! 

1. Identify the Purpose of Your Construction Leaflet

Construction leaflets can be used for different purposes. Thus, specify the need to create one. Is it used as a construction company flyer? Are you planning to promote your manufacturing and engineering services? Or, are you expanding your commercial and industrial construction resources? Knowing the particular goal for your leaflet will help you create relevant content and suitable leaflet design. 

2. Outline a Compelling Leaflet Content 

Once you have already determined the purpose of your construction leaflet, it's time to write down the needed leaflet details. Start with the basic information about your construction company. Include the company name, tagline, and logo. Just like a construction poster, your construction leaflet must present a catchy headline. Headlines are commonly the first sentence or phrase that readers will see. Keep it direct and concise. Moreover, draft a brief introduction of your construction company. And provide spaces to list down the construction services you offer. Direct your readers on the next step by putting a call-to-action statement. At the bottom part of your leaflet, place your business address and contact details. 

Just a tip: Provide readers a comfortable reading experience; keep these details short and simple.  

3. Arrange and Design Your Leaflet Layout

Who would not be interested in something that attracts the eyes? Well, humans are visual creatures. In fact, sixty-five percent of humans are visual learners. Take advantage of this fact! In creating your construction leaflet, start with picking a suitable leaflet size. You can opt for an 8.5” x 11” or A4 leaflet dimension. 

For text elements, we suggest you utilize a 12 point for the body, a 10 point for subheaders, and a 14 to 22 point for headlines. Well, it depends on the overall leaflet design. Consider appropriate spacing and alignment. That way, readers can easily follow your details. To hook your readers, add images that match the entire leaflet message. Take note, always choose a 300 dpi high-resolution image. 

4. Experiment with Pre-made Construction Leaflet Template

 Conceptualizing your construction leaflet content and design is a daunting task. Lighten up the burden. Research for leaflet design ideas and inspirations online. Well, we got your back. Above this article, we collected sample construction leaflet templates that you can freely utilize. Download, open, and personalize it in MS Word to match your branding needs. 

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