From a company office space to a commercial tenant area, the availability of property is a universally integral part of modern societies. Therefore, the proper terms and conditions must be outlined in a construction lease. With the use of a construction lease, all involved parties in a contract can clarify the relevant legalities that everyone should agree upon. So, if you’re looking to save a bit of time in composing such a document, then you’ll be interested in our professional Construction Lease Templates! Instantly put together appropriate paperwork with our easily editable samples for Google Docs; 100% customizable in A4 and US letter sizes. Download now!

How to Create a Construction Lease in Google Docs?

Are you in the industry of leasing out real estate or industrial vacant spaces? If so, then the use of a construction lease document is a crucial part of this kind of business.

As described by Investopedia, a lease is a type of binding contract for the rental of property or land, signed by both the property owner and the client/tenant. To help you quickly and easily compose a construction lease agreement in Google Docs, then have a look at our tips found below!

1. Create Base Measurements for Each Page

Now, run Google Docs and open up a fresh document or template. A construction lease document tends to have more than just one page, so you need to create a format foundation for each page to follow; decide on what document size to use (A4, US, etc.) and determine what margin to have along the border of those pages (an inch will do just fine in most cases).

2. Compose a Cover Page

You want your paperwork to look presentable, so the first page of your lease should be a cover page.

On this page, the most important part is the main title of the whole construction document. So write down the name in large, bold font. If necessary, then include the company’s name, address, and contact details using smaller text. Additionally, you can also add the company logo, composition date, and/or document summary/description.

To add a slight professional flair, include a simple sleek graphic design on the page.

3. Fill In the Pages of Your Lease

With a cover page completed for your document, it’s time to write down the details of the lease agreement.

Be sure to concisely section out each major part of the lease by numbering their subheaders. Having a table of contents (following the cover) and page numbers will help in navigating through the document.

4. Customize and Review

To make your document look even more presentable, then consider adorning the borders of post-cover pages with just a bit of graphical designs too. And, after all of that’s done, always make sure to review all of the contents before finalizing—especially when it comes to legal documents.

Put together a well-written construction contract for shop owners, residential tenants, and more by incorporating our ready-made Construction Lease Templates!

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