How to Create a Construction Letterhead in Microsoft Publisher?

No words can explain how the construction industry prospers in today's set-up. With more than 700,000 construction firms in the United States alone, one should consider how tough the competition is, primarily if you aim to establish a construction company of your own. However, on the brighter side, with proper business marketing and execution, you can effectively compete against your potential business competitors. And one way of achieving it is by establishing your business brand starting with company letterhead. Lucky for you, we'll show you how through our simple guide below.

1. Get to Know your Brand

Fundamentally, you cannot create your construction letterhead with the absence of the proper establishment of branding. Unless you want to actualize your letterhead without having an actual brand itself, you need to properly identify and set your construction business' brand by determining its personality. Ask yourself how your brand will create an impact on your particular audiences. Then, evaluate the aspects and elements you need to alter that would be relevant to your letterhead.

2. Grab a Layout Software

Since you opt to have a business letterhead, you need to grab a design app that allows you to edit, enhance, and create your letterhead. For this case, we highly suggest that you utilize Microsoft Publisher in your letterhead actualization. It provides you easy-to-use access, especially if you are a Windows device user. Plus, the app can give you standard tools and specifications that are useful for your letterhead design.

3. Integrate your Brand Elements

Through your Microsoft Publisher app, you can now start formulating your creative letterhead. Upon designing it, see to it that you set first the standard size of your letterhead. In establishing your letterhead's size, you can align it to the letter format sizes of 8.5″ by 11″ and 8.5″ by 14″. Then, you can now put all the design and brand elements that you want to include in the letterhead, such as its color scheme, fonts, logo, and artworks just like construction brochures have.

4. Maintain Aesthetic Balance

Since your simple letterhead mirrors your brand identity, you need to secure that it is presentable upon sending it to your particular audiences. Make sure that every element complements each other, from color scheme down to fonts. For you to be guided, position yourself as the reader, and ask yourself if it is pleasing to one's eye. Moreover, if you need a design reference, you can freely refer to a visual design lookbook.

5. Have a Sample Print Copy

You can print a sample copy of your construction letterhead, so you can see the result yourself. Evaluate if it matches your desired outcome. If you need some adjustments, you can go back to your saved letterhead soft copy and tweak its look according to your preferences. Furthermore, so that you can easily make adjustments and modifications to your letterhead, opting for downloadable, editable, and printable letterhead templates is your best avenue.

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