Construction is obviously a complex undertaking that needs meticulous planning and management. Construction management requires a deep understanding of engineering. Building processes like designing, on safety site inspections and procurement of materials are typical duties of the project engineer. On the business side management takes care of the paper works that are necessary to keep track of the construction's expenses. Management of the project also involves ensuring that the construction is according on plan and on schedule so that clients are satisfied. Different construction management tasks require different types of paper work and here on our website we have a number of ready-made construction management templates. Utilizing these templates will save you time and effort. So why don't you try one today?

What is Construction Management

Construction management is a complicated set of tasks that needs to performed to ensure that the construction of a building will go smoothly and is within the client's specifications. Planning and management of a construction project involve processes such project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and completion. We will further discuss this processes down below.

1. Initiation

In the initiation of the project, you are going to find out how feasible the project is, what are the pro and cons. You will take a lot of factors into consideration, you want to find out if the project will be profitable for you or not. You will also deal with organizing the people that will be involved in the project and assign the leaders of each work group. Once you've completed all tasks needed for the initiation that is when you can proceed to planning.


Planning involves identifying what are needed to complete the project. You formulate strategies for materials procurement. You calculate the estimated costs for materials, equipment and manpower. You want to make sure that all preparations needed for the project are taken into account. If planning and management is not done properly this can cause a lot of problems that would delay the construction in the future.

3. Execution

After the initiation and planning you now proceed with the implementation, Construction and purchase of material is started. You must have constant communication with team leaders and the project managers, you want to make sure that everything goes smoothly. You must make sure that each team leader submit their reports so that you can keep track of their progress.

4. Monitoring

As the project is now underway, you have to monitor the progress in the construction of the project. You must have a construction checklist of tasks and ensure that each team leaders continue to send you their reports. Even though you were meticulous in planning there is always the risk of things going wrong. You should be ready to deal with unexpected problems.

5. Completion

After the all the building processes has been completed, you can now finalize the construction. You can now stop the delivery of materials and perform finishing touches as well as the building's clean up. You can now hand the building to the clients and its ready for commercial use.

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