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How to Write a Construction Meeting Minutes in Google Docs?

The construction industry is one of the well-paid business. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 263,300 jobs were opening in this industry in June 2018. There was a high demand for workers and employees because of numerous roles in a construction site. No matter you are a professional or non-professional, licensed or not, you can have a job in a construction field. In fact, the department with the highest employees is of the carpenters. Regardless of what your position is, you would always be called to attend meetings to note down new methods of work or following instructions. For that, you would need to make meeting minutes that are essential in tracking the progress of the project. Here's how:

1. Launch and List the Agenda

Before commencing a meeting, you need to make preparations, such as choosing the schedule, venue, and of course, preparing the agenda. The board usually conducts a meeting for a discussion of a new construction project, the progress of the current project, or a regular meeting. It is better to list your agenda beforehand so that you will have a smooth flow during the session. Circulate this agenda among the concerned team members before the meeting starts. Go to the site of Google Docs and select a 'New' or "Blank' document. Add this agenda at the top of the document to give it the utmost importance.

2. Add the Headings Specifically

Among the other parts of your minute report, the header is one of the important. This section provides the meeting details, like the date and time, the venue, or the title of the meeting. It is a must to include the company's information, like the company's sample logo, name, address, and contact details. Highlight the headings using a larger font size from the standard size of the body text. Use the 'Format' menu tools at the top to format texts in different styles. If these appear in your paper, it becomes an official business document of your company.

3. Provide an Attendance Sheet

The persons who can truly benefit from the meeting minutes are those who did not attend the meeting. It can serve as their guide on what are the matters discussed in the previous session. The attendance can be inserted in your meeting minutes or printed on a separate sheet. With the help of the attendance sheet, you will be able to know who are the regular attendees and the people who failed to participate in the session. You can draw a simple table to take the attendance using the 'Insert' menu tool 'table'.

4. Make a Layout

Your work should appear clean, organized, and professional-looking since it is a formal document. Arrange things logically and systematically. Use tables for organization purposes. Make sure to create tables that are sufficient for the details. Include labels for each column. Go to the 'Layout' menu to fix these.

5. Note Down Discussed Matters

Writing the notes is crucial because every single detail must be visible in your minute worksheet. However, in taking down notes, it should not be verbatim as long as the meaning will not contain alteration, and the readers can precisely interpret it. It is essential to assign this job to the person who can perform the task without difficulty.

6. Save a Copy

Review your work for some corrections and finalize it. Let the presider of the meeting or other team members who attended the meeting to proofread the meeting minutes. After this, make a copy. It is preferable to send a copy, not beyond 24 hours. Save a soft copy of your meeting minute template, and use it on your next meeting.

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