Construction projects require the centralization of decisions and actions. Any request for changes in the design or schedule needs to be recorded formally with the use of change order forms. For all sorts of orders that you get in your business, we have respective templates in our collection of ready-made Construction Order Templates in Excel. Use them to save your time, effort, and money that would go into hiring people to do the job. These templates are perfect for providing a proper work summary through its clear format and comprehensive layout. Get them now with one click of the subscription button and start downloading!

How to Create a Construction Order Form in Microsoft Excel (XLS)?

As one of the largest global construction markets, the US generates $1,293 billion in construction expenses, according to Statista. But to ensure the success of construction projects, there are construction agreements that outline the stipulations that both parties need to comply with, and this includes the process for orders. If you want to create a standard construction order template using Excel, we have some useful tips that may simplify the process of making the form.

1. Determine the Purpose

An order form is appropriate for different purposes including but not limited to, project management change order, schedule change order, and purchase order. Hence, before you create your order template, it is best to determine the purpose first; that way, you can have a clear idea of what content to include.

2. Use Comprehensive Layout

Order templates are formal documents that require professional decisions and actions. The form must have a comprehensive layout that highlights the contents; otherwise, confusion regarding the purpose and specific request may ensue. It is best to use a simple and direct format that allows for a continuous flow of the details.

3. Consider the Contents

Since you know the purpose of the document, you can determine what content to include. Although details such as the name of the sender and recipient, and other contact information are essential, facts specific to the purpose of the document is vital to its effectiveness. For example, for a purchase order, figures such as the quantity of the material, unit price, and the total amount are specific to the said purpose.

4. Use Tables

Using tables to separate each detail from the other helps in maintaining the readability of the order form. The advantage of using Excel is that you can automate the tables and add formulas to make the computing process efficient and accurate. Plus, using tables also allow you to highlight the essential information in your document.

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