How To Make a Construction Order Form in Apple Numbers?

In project management work, civil work, or contractor work, order forms are necessary. A work order form helps a company find contractors to assist with construction. A purchase order form is needed to indicate a buyer's intention to purchase products or services from a seller. A change order form, on the other hand, is used to alter a construction contract. If you need help creating a construction order form through Apple Numbers, here are a few quick tips that you can take from us.

1. Determine the Data You'll Be Entering.

Depending on the form that you'll be making, determine what kind of information you'll be needing first. Make a list of the information first. That way, you can layout your form easily.

2. Launch the Software and Enter a Descriptive Table.

Right above the header, state what the purpose of the table is. Add a summary of what the use of the order form is.

3. Start Making Your Table.

Create a table with the header row indicating the categories for recording, and a header column for the names of the record (name of product materials, name of people in charge, etc.).

4. Create Your Form.

On the upper left-hand corner of your screen, tap the plus (+) sign or the "Add Sheet" button. This should allow you to create a form out of the table you've created.

5. Add a Footnote.

On the very bottom of the form, add a footnote indicating that the table is still subject to change depending on how the construction project runs.

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