Just like how restaurants rely on the customer’s orders before preparing any dish, construction companies also rely on their client’s orders before working on projects. This document works as a summary of what the client wants for the construction project. Here, we have Construction Order Templates in Microsoft Word to help you out. Say goodbye to having to start from scratch, simply download a template and add the order’s details. Aside from being 100% customizable, these ready-made products are also fully printable. Make these templates your construction company’s best tool, subscribe to our plans today!

How to Prepare Construction Orders in Microsoft Word

According to GoContractor, US construction industries spend over $10 trillion a year on their projects. But before they begin working on one, an order should be prepared and presented. If you need help in writing a construction order, check out our list of guidelines below.

1. Familiarize Yourself with the Different Types of Orders

Clients typically ask for a purchase order, change order, or work order. How can you make any of these if you don’t even know what they’re for and how they’re written? When in doubt, it’s best to do research and familiarize yourself with the types of orders.

2. Jot Down Notes on a Separate Sheet of Paper

When gathering details from the client about the job, write down the details on a separate sheet of paper. This will help ensure that your order sheet stays clean and neat. Just make sure to record all the important information, and don’t hesitate to ask for clarifications.

3. Include Only Relevant Details in the Order Sheet

This applies to both the gathering of details and adding them to your order sheet. When gathering details from the client, it’s not necessary to write everything verbatim. And when adding the content to the document, focus on the most important details only.

4. Use Tables to Organize the Content

While Microsoft Word allows you to add tables from the app itself, you may also import one from Excel. Either way, make use of tables to help you organize your content neatly. But if your order sheet doesn’t require a table, then don’t bother using one.

5. Highlight Important Details in the Content

Bring immediate attention to the most important details in the order form by highlighting them. Alternatively, you may also choose to use bold text or italics when emphasizing details. But whatever you do, never use quotation marks for this purpose.

6. Verify Your Order’s Content with the Client

Before the proposed order takes effect, show your finished document to the client for verification purposes. Even if you started with taking down notes, it’s best to be safe than having to make a change order while the construction process is ongoing.

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